Are Building Codes Inadequate? Advocacy Groups Says Yes

The Resilience Action Fund (RAF), an advocacy group dedicated to advancing awareness and transparency about the built environment, has launched its new website,

The site aims to inform businesses, tenants and homeowners about the risks from natural hazards and the limited protection offered by building codes, the challenges of private and public insurance, and the importance of consumer choices. It aims to address the gap created by inadequate public disclosure and education by both governments and the building/property industry on the hazard resistance of homes and buildings.

According to the RAF, statistics from the U.N. International Strategy on Disaster Reduction show that average annual economic losses from natural disasters have soared in recent decades and now exceed $300 billion, with the U.S. ranking No. 1.

“As the first ‘resilience public watchdog,’ RAF shines a spotlight on those who have gone the extra mile vs. those who failed to act in the interest of disaster resilience,” said RAF’s founder and chair, Aris Papadopoulos. “The public is invited to engage in an open discourse, nominate candidates and propose editions for both halls.”

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