AGC Pairs with Solaria Corp.

Asahi Glass Company (AGC) entered into a partnership agreement with Solaria Corp. regarding a new building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) product for the Asian market.

“Over the last year, AGC conducted rigorous tests, completed a certification process and strategically ramped up its supply chain in preparation for the launch of its new Sudare powered-by-Solaria solution,” a release from Solaria reads.

Sudare powered-by-Solaria, which combines Solaria’s BIPV technology with AGC’s SunJoule glass, is commercially available across Japan and South East Asia for use in building facades and other structural elements.

“With the global green building market expected to double by 2018 (according to a report by the World Green Building Council) and the construction glass industry expected to reach $111 billion by 2020 (Technavio), there is an increased demand for sustainable buildings striving to achieve net zero energy and improved occupant wellness,” according to the release.

According to Udi Paret, general manager of building solutions at Solaria, “similar partnerships have been established to serve the North America market. The first one to be announced in the near future will encompass an even broader offering, making for easier adoption through the building and construction value chain.”

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