Light-Weight Inside and Out

Pulp Studio has added DermaGlass to its catalog of architectural glass. DermaGlass is a durable, light-weight glass that’s strong enough for interiors and exteriors, according to the company. This glass, at only 1.3-mm in thickness, maintains the durability and damage resistance of more traditional, thicker heat-treated glass by using an ion-exchange process, according to the company. Due to its thin profile, it can be used by designers to bend around columns or into decorative shapes as well as for indoor applications such as elevator cab panels that need both high strength and minimal weight. It may be used with Pintura backpainted coatings or laminated with graphic interlayers. It can also be produced with a honeycombed core for additional safety. Panels fit together seamlessly and are available in sizes up to 58 inches by 118 inches.

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