Novus Glass Responds To Payroll Issues Some of Its Franchisees Had

“We’ve offered all of the assistance on our part to try and resolve the situation. In addition to that we’ve already partnered with a new payroll company for the franchisees that is rolling out this week,” said Ted Andersen, Novus North America vice president of operations, regarding the cyber incident that disrupted payroll and employee paychecks at three Novus Glass (Novus) franchisee locations.

Andersen stated the third party payroll company, that was previously used, has definitely been removed.

“Well they’re pretty much out of business. That’s the trouble of this whole situation – nobody can get in touch with them. All of their employees were released from the company. It’s a total nightmare,” said Andersen.

The new company Novus will be using for its franchisee payroll needs has yet to be announced. According to Andersen, contracts are still being signed, but the deal will close this week. When asked about the timing to resolve the issue Andersen mentioned it was handled quickly due to its severity.

“Three [franchisees] were affected by this – they need to get payroll services back and going, that’s why everybody took it seriously, very seriously.

The “unexplained shutdown” involving a third party payroll company took place earlier this month. Matt Anderson, Novus Glass Spokane Valley, Wash. franchise owner, previously stated the third party company didn’t inform him of any alleged fraudulent activity when he was in contact with their representatives. According to Anderson, his location experienced wrongful withdrawals twice.

Currently Novus is finalizing agreements with a new company to handle its franchisee payroll needs.

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