Enhancing Productivity

Formulated to meet the demanding requirements of a back-bedding sealant for high-speed manufacturing of doors and windows, Dowsil 2400 Silicone Assembly Sealant provides high performance to enhance design freedom and help increase productivity in architectural window manufacturing, according to the company.

Dowsil 2400 Silicone Assembly Sealant is suitable for use as a dynamic back-bedding sealant in the assembly of doors and windows. The cured product delivers the long-term durability inherent to silicone sealants at the critical window assembly interface between glass and frame, according to the company. Its ease of use, primerless adhesion and green strength promote enhanced productivity with consistent quality to meet customer manufacturing needs, according to the company.

This neutral-cure RTV silicone hot-melt adhesive has been tested and shown to be suitable for impact and forced-entry resistance as well as standard glazing applications. Product assemblies using the product have passed large-missile-impact testing and pressure cycles up to 100 psf as required for hurricane glazing approvals. The clear silicone features a wide service-temperature range (-50 to 150°C) and is usable in standard XY-glazing equipment and hot-melt pumps.


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