Safti First to Supply Fire-Rated Systems to All Government and Service Agencies

Safti First, a manufacturer of fire-rated glass, framing and door systems, has received a five-year U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Federal Supply Schedule 56 Contract under Contract Number 47QSWA20D0022.  The GSA Schedule 56 section covers buildings and building materials. The company will now participate as a supplier in Special Item Numbers 563-16 (i.e, glazing), 563-23 (doors, windows and walls) and 56-500 (order-level materials).

“We were very excited to offer our favorable pricing and terms to the federal government through our new GSA contract,” says William O’Keeffe, president/CEO of Safti First and a veteran. “We will aim to provide the newest, technologically advanced and the least expensive products to renovate their facilities or to replace the old and proven dangerous wired glass in fire-rated doors, windows and any application requiring a safe, code-approved, economical, wireless and tint-free glazing product. Or for new construction projects that require advanced fire resistive glazing systems up to two hours. We look forward to the opportunity to supply our USA-made, advanced fire-rated glass, framing and door systems to the government sector and our wonderful U.S. services with U.S.-made, fire-rated products.”

Safti First’s products have been used in several federal projects such as the Orlando VA Medical Center in Orlando, Fla,; James A. Haley VA Primary Hospital Primary Care Annex in Tampa, Fla.; Bachelor Enlisted Quarters at Camp Pendleton in San Diego; United States Federal Courthouse in Austin, Texas; United States Capitol Building in Washington, D.C.; Library of Congress National A/V Conservation Center in Culpepper, Va.; Center for Disease Control and Prevention Building in Atlanta; and the FDA Building in New York.

“We now have the opportunity to focus on the supply side of the government purchase as we continue to provide our advanced-rated products to the construction side. Safti First’s products can be provided to protect against hurricane, blast, ballistic, forced entry and attack … The GSA is leading the charge in energy efficient office buildings and our products can meet any combination of performance glazings required for energy efficiency, thereby improving the building’s overall performance and enhancing occupant comfort,” says O’Keeffe.

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