Aquaview Fencing Launches Glass Railing Division

Aquaview Fencing’s glass railing division will focus on the multifamily and hospitality markets.

Aquaview Fencing, an architectural safety fencing company, has launched a glass railing division. This new subset of the company will focus entirely on its line of glass safety railings to meet the design and safety needs of the multifamily and hospitality industries.

As a manufacturer and distributor of glass fences and glass railings, Aquaview leadership has seen a noticeable increase in the demand for glass safety railings at apartments, condos and hotel properties. To address this trend, the new website for this division will feature fully frameless glass railing systems, AWS aluminum windscreens, ARS aluminum glass railing systems and standoff glass railing systems.

“We have created this safety railings division in response to the growing demand within the industry,” says Jordan Goodman, CEO of Aquaview Fencing. “Having recently completed some high-profile constructions, including the Channel Club Luxury Apartments in New York, the Oleander Apartments in Atlanta, and 800 N. High Street in Columbus, Ohio, we wanted to open up these design offerings to all developments looking to modernize their aesthetic with glass.”

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