Bullet-resistant Systems

Safety that Doesn’t Compromise Aesthetics

C.R. Laurence Co. (CRL) has expanded its security offerings with new bullet-resistant doors and frames. Full Vision bullet-resistant doors are designed for interior applications, while aluminum bullet-resistant doors are engineered for exterior applications.

Full Vision bullet-resistant doors and frames feature a built-in, continuous geared hinge to increase security and reduce visible hardware. The low-profile door frame and door latch are made for use with a single panel of bullet-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate glazing, producing a clean aesthetic with unobstructed views.

Full Vision bullet-resistant doors offer level 1 or level 3 bullet protection per UL 752 ballistic testing standards.

CRL’s aluminum bullet-resistant doors and frames are for exterior use and can act as a complete storefront and entrance system. The system has been tested to withstand level 1 or level 3 projectiles as defined by UL 752 ballistic standards. It features 4-5/8-inch aluminum stiles and a 7-5/16-inch bottom rail. Doors and frames ship as a complete assembly, and offer the installer-friendly features of a traditional storefront, according to the


One Ring to Rule them All

Strybuc’s #500-98NEW contains 126 of the company’s most popular vinyl and metal glazing bead samples organized by shape and color. The samples are approximately 1-1/2-inches long and held on a large stainless steel ring with locking screw threads. The ring of beads can be taken to a job repair site to help identify broken beads quickly. The ring helps prevent losing pieces and the clutter of keeping samples in a bag or box. Each ring keeps all the glazing bead samples together and organized.

Trucks and Carriers

Glass Transportation Without Worries

F. Barkow’s custom-made, heavy-duty trailer increases glass-carrying capacity with 14 feet of space.

It offers 96 inches of usable height and eight stainless steel stakes with Barkleats and hardware. The trailer also comes with Stake-Loc self-locking stakes and 8-inch usable ledgeboards with a double row of stake slots. It has baseplate pads every 12 inches on the center, a step bumper, frontload stops to help prevent damage to glass and “B” load-holding slats for straps, which are included for added security. A 7,000-pound crank down (center mount) front stand and back-up audio alarm are among other features.


Translucent Transitioning

Eastman is expanding its Vanceva White Collection to include Vanceva Illusion White. This translucent gradient PVB interlayer for laminated glass offers the ability to transition from medium translucence to full transparency.

Vanceva Illusion White provides architects and designers an alternative method to achieve a translucent transitioning effect in glazing. It is a substitute to ceramic frits, painting or printing with acid etching or silk-screening. Vanceva Illusion White starts with the medium-level translucence of the Vanceva Arctic Snow white interlayer, which offers a visible light transmission of 65 percent, and fades to clear within a 30-cm gradient.

Eastman developed Illusion White for use in balcony applications to help hide certain aspects of construction while fading to clear for an uncompromised view. It can be combined with Saflex Structural (DG) for its inherent laminated safety aspects such as post-breakage behavior. It offers all the same benefits of laminated glass, including safety, security, soundproofing, solar protection and storm protection, and is also compatible with all Saflex PVB interlayers.

Vanceva Illusion White gradient can also be layered with Vanceva colors for a maximum total of four interlayers.

Machinery and Equipment

Storage that Saves Money

The new remnant storage system from Billco identifies, stores and re-claims remnants for maximum cut-ting yields. According to the company, it minimizes idle time by optimizing glass fl ow and reducing manual glass handling while keeping operators safe. The modular, expandable design includes features such as sub-plate cutting, dual-axis automated remnant breakout and multi-slot storage. It’s driven by optimization software that helps users improve yields, according to the company.

A Lifter Designed with Safety in Mind

The MR4 lifter series from Wood’s Powr-Grip is designed to help boost efficiency while preserving a safe work environment. The lifters use high-flow vacuum pumps to quickly handle and precisely place glass. Offering continuous 360-degree rotation, these lifters provide an efficient and economical way to feed vertically-oriented processing machinery. MR4 lifters can also be equipped with additional features, such as vacuum loss warning buzzers or individual pad shutoffs, to meet a production line’s needs. The MR4 series comes with standard capacities ranging from 500 to 700 pounds (225 to 320 kg).


A Door of Your Design

PRL’s full-framed doors are available in an assortment of finishes with a large section of hardware. Its full-framed doors are extruded with seamless rails and stiles to provide sweeping glass views. They are available in three different standard types: 3-inch narrow, 4-inch medium, and 5 ½-inch wide. Custom sizes are also available. Full-framed cladded doors accommodate glass thicknesses of a ¼ inch to 1 inch. For improved weather control, doors are equipped with adjustable weather stripping. PRL offers standard top and bottom rail heights in 4 inches, 5 inches and 10 inches. Extruding all rails in-house, PRL can accommodate custom rail heights.

Available hardware includes panic devices, deadbolt locks, easy locks and custom handles. PRL offers stainless steel, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, anodized and painted finishes.

Glass Cleaners

Crystal Clear Shine

Spray-X is a foaming glass cleaner that uses clinging foam to break up soils and hold them, even on vertical surfaces, without dripping, running or streaking. The cleaner has an industrial-strength formulation and cleans thoroughly, dries quickly, and doesn’t require rinsing, according to the company. It’s also ammonia-free. Spray-X foaming glass cleaner is available in 19-ounce, 15-ounce and 10-ounce sizes. The company offers private-label programs in all three sizes for OEM customers, and in 19-ounce and 4-ounce sizes for short-run production.

A Streak-Free Clean

SONAX Glass Cleaner provides streak-free cleaning, according to the company. This environmentally-conscious product contains surfactants made from renewable materials, and quickly removes road grime on the outside, and film build-up and smoke residue on the inside. It contains no ammonia and very little alcohol, and can be used on bathroom glass and mirrors. The cleaner is available in 500-ml trigger bottles or in 10-liter bulk sizes.

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