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Everyone Loves a Parade: Home Tours Help Build Your Brand

By Dustin Anderson

I received a call a few days ago from one of the home builders that we do some work for, and he told me that the local builders association was hosting a Parade of Homes again this year. Most builders associations organize a tour of homes built by local builders for the general public. These tours—or parades— usually require a ticket and take place over the course of a couple of weekends, giving locals several opportunities to see these beautifully built homes.

Speaking of one of these projects, one of my residential installers asked, “why are you jumping through hoops to get this job done and then discounting the price for the builder?” That’s a great question and here is my response…

Reaching Your Audience

First, social media has put more options than you can imagine in front of our clients. I think this plays a huge role in giving the client the creative freedom to decide what he or she likes in the realm of aesthetics, but doesn’t always lend much information on functionality. By putting a finished product in front of the client, you’re giving them the ability to “play” with that product. The client gets to see how it looks, feels and functions. This is the same strategy that companies such as Best Buy use to allow the customer the freedom to put their hands on the product in order to help make a decision. This is the same concept that you should have in your showroom. So the argument might be that you have a great showroom and you don’t need to participate in a Parade of Homes event. I’d argue that you have the ability to put a product in front of a huge audience that might not know it exists.

See the Potential

Second, these home tours do more than just bring in potential new home-buyers. The people attending are also interested in remodeling, as well as people who are really interested in seeing all the new and pretty houses in the area. You also have the folks who just don’t have anything else to do on the weekend. All of these people are potential clients and you’re getting in front of an audience that you might not other-wise have the opportunity.

Build a Brand

Finally, these events offer a way for our industry and for your brand to capitalize on the exposure. Showing off a new mirror frame that’s available or getting the opportunity to put a rad new sliding shower in front of all of those who tour the homes is not only good for the industry, but it’s good for your company’s brand. The chance that your company installs something that intrigues people is the type of traction the glazing industry needs to see as exciting. Capitalize with yard signs and business cards and door hangers on all the shower handles … whatever your company does for branding, do it.

It’s important to interact with your local builders associations and, if given the opportunity, it’s incredibly beneficial to participate in their Parade of Homes or Tour of Homes for your brand and for our industry.

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