Work Flexible

The Master Series CNC work center from Intermac is designed with long lasting reliability to create complex projects with the latest ideas from architects and designers. Master Series provides maximum machining flexibility thanks to a wide choice of work bed sizes and optional features. The five-axis head with endless rotation C-axis and tilting head A-axis (from -90 to +90 degrees) ensures excellent flexibility and the execution of complex machining operations, according to the company.

Stainless Steel Abounds

The new Bavelloni BHW horizontal glass washing machine is suitable for cleaning and drying all float glass types. Available i n sizes from 51 inches to 130 inches, it can be used by itself or integrated in a production line. It features a wide use of stainless steel in the machine body, as well as in the washing and rinsing sections. The rollers are made of vulcanized rubber. As a standard, the washing and rinsing sections use four nylon brushes and four stainless steel spraying bars. An extra pair of brushes is available if high washing quality is required. The drying section uses four stainless steel air knives for better drying capability. Even at a high working speed, an additional set of air knives can be added. The blower is installed on top (platform included). This washer can be customized with several options such as: top pre-washing, motorized height adjustment, kit for low-E glass washing, water heating, low/high speed mode, electrical interface with other machinery and all stainless steel version.

Precision and Drive

Bailey Cranes has redesigned its Brandon Mini. The machine’s same precision and solid build is now complemented with side-shift, to place the workpiece in those tight-fitting applications. It still includes the same precise boom movement, proportional drive and long battery life customers have come to expect.


Wind and Rain Aren’t a Problem

The Schüco AWS 75.SI+ is ideal for South Florida’s rainy and windy seasonal climate with terrace doors designed for high-level water tightness. The design consists of easy-access threshold options, which meet ADA half-inch threshold height limitations while also maintaining 15 PSF of water-resistance test performance. It is available in a single vent and double vent option. An added Group V vent profile increases the maximum vent size to 46 ½ inches by 97 5/16 inches with a maximum vent weight of up to 286 pounds and a 90-degree opening. The unique profile design also enables dual color options on the interior and exterior. In addition to providing a high performance thermally-broken terrace door, the system allows insulating glass units (IGU) with a total of 1 11/32 inch IGU thickness using a 0.09-inch SentryGlas interlayer. By burying the threshold 13/16 into the floor, an ADA-compliant, smooth and easy exterior access is provided.

Decorative glass

Chatter and Converse

ODL’s new Dialogue Layered Glass line now includes Chatter and Con-verse. Converse first appears to be cut glass but is actually a stencil design that hints of keyhole arches commonly seen in Moroccan architecture. Clear and frosted layers interact to create striking shadows and a high privacy range. Chatter is a repetitive pattern of dots and lines that make the design read more like a texture than a pattern. A fun shadow effect gives this door glass a playful texture.

Dialogue Layered Glass uses ceramic frit patterns across three layers of glass to create captivating patterns, which change based on light and vantage point. The line includes six dynamic patterns with varying levels of privacy and patterned layers that interact with one another to create a dialogue. Daylight shines through the glass layers to create unique de-sign element in cast shadows.


Coating on Demand

AGC‘s new Coating on Demand (CoD) service allows users to develop unique coated glass products for facades and windows tailored precisely to their needs. A prototype product can be manufactured during a one-day development session in Germany. The technical specifications and optical properties are individually defined. The service is powered by the company’s virtual prototyping software. It’s capable of delivering a true representation of coated glass in its environment and under various climate conditions. Customers can also fine-tune light transmission, reflection and glass color. Once all the technical characteristics and aesthetic features have been defined, the program runs a feasibility check and, where necessary, optimizes the configuration. The first physical glass samples are then produced directly at AGC lnterpane’s Plattling plant. The end result is a unique product that AGC says will not be used for any other project anywhere in the world.


Lower the Volume

Silence is a virtue, especially in hospital rooms, libraries, museums and theaters where electrified hardware must operate at whisper-quiet levels. The Von Duprin QEL, available from Access Hardware Supply, couples reliability and high performance with ultra-quiet operation that won’t disrupt meetings, performances or study, according to the company. With the QEL, exit device noise level can be reduced to that of a quiet conversation.


A Versatile Window

Milwaukee Plate Glass offers operating window lines including, the 2780-ZS, which is a zero sightline style and the 2250T, a 2 ¼-inch deep fixed and projected window assembly. Both are AAMA tested with ratings as high as CW-PG100. Windows can be set in rough openings, storefront or curtainwall. The hardware and accessories include remote motor operators. The company manufactures ts own fl at and wicket screens. Units can be factory glazed or unglazed with ¼-inch or 1-inch glass.

Meeting Thermal Demands

The newly updated NX-300 Series thermal window from Kawneer is an architectural-grade window ideal for historical window restorations in low-to-mid and high-rise commercial, education, residential and public projects. The NX-300 Series thermal window achieves the look of a historical window without com-promising critical performance factors. The system is engineered to meet all critical structural, water and thermal performance demands at a historically low price point.

Made from aluminum and designed for durability, the putty-glazed, beveled sash look of NX-300 Series thermal windows are available in a variety of casement outswing, project-out (awning), fixed, and fixed over project-out configurations. Insulating glass options and polyamide thermal breaks increase occupant comfort and lower energy expenditures for excellent performance and minimized condensation.

Key features include a 3 ¼-inch depth frame, minimal sightlines for historical replication needs, AAMA architectural grade ratings up to AW-PG90 on most common configurations, punched openings and design and installation options for replacing wood or steel. The windows also include vertical or horizontal stacks, structural mullions for larger unit configurations and options for anchoring methods, head and jamb receptors, sub sills and panning types.

No Need to Close the Windows When it Rains

Providing both natural light and natural ventilation, Techvent 5300 window systems from Exterior Technologies Inc. (EXTECH) feature a patented, top-hinge design that allows the unit to remain open during normal rainfall, while keeping the interior dry. Ideal for manufacturing, agricultural and other industrial buildings, the windows can be operated manually or electrically, and can be integrated with building control systems. The Techvent 5300 top-hinged window units typically range from 3- to 8-feet high. The system can be factory-assembled with interlocking vertical mullions for installation as continuous clerestory wings up to 150-feet wide, or as smaller, individual punched openings. The units also can be used as operable skylights when installed on a slope. The system accepts up to 1-inch thickness of either glass or cellular polycarbonate glazing. The framing system uses 39 percent recycled aluminum as standard and may be specified in a broad choice of finish types and colors. After its useful life as part of a window system, the metal is 100 percent recyclable.

Designed for Hurricane Safety

Winco Window Company is providing impact-resistant, FEMA P-361-rated windows, to help building owners protect people and property.

The 2017 hurricane season, four major hurricanes made landfall in the U.S. It was an unwelcome reminder of the importance of personal safety during major storms. Winco Windows offers both tornado- and hurricane-rated windows that meet the standards for FEMA P-361, the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s third edition of Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes.

Winco’s FEMA P-361 rated windows, which meet ICC-500, are designed to withstand 250-mph winds with flying debris during impact testing of a 15-pound two-by-four traveling at 100 mph.

The company says the storm-rated windows are ideal for schools, safe rooms and 911 centers that are used as storm shelters. When a storm causes the power to go out, the natural light afforded by protective windows can be critical.

The FEMA P-361-rated windows have been selected for Emergency Communications Centers throughout Tornado Alley, the highest risk area in the U.S., for some of nature’s most violent storms.


A Green Mirror Mastic

Palmer SuperSet Mirro-Mastic is a new low VOC (9g/L) addition to Palmer Products’ line of mirror adhesives. Palmer SuperSet Mirro-Mastic is a solvent-free, low-odor adhesive mastic formulated for adhering acrylic and glass mirror to various substrates such as drywall, glass, metal or tile. SuperSet has a fast cure that becomes a strong permanent bond. It will not shrink and become hard and brittle with age. SuperSet qualifies for LEED Green Building Rating System credit, according to the company.

Shower Doors

It’s All in the Catalog

U.S. Horizon released its USH20 Frameless Shower Door Hardware Catalog. The catalog celebrates the company’s 20th year in business and acts as a comprehensive source for hinges, sliding shower door systems, pull handles, grab bars, U-channels and more. In Z developing the USH2O Catalog, U.S. Horizon dedicated extensive time and resources to ensure its customers have access to the information they need in order to select the best shower door hardware for their projects. The catalog contains product overviews, project galleries and detailed specifications in an easy-to-follow format. The new catalog introduces new products across several key categories. The Sorrento Series double door sliding system features a versatile design that allows convenient entry from the left or right side. Four rollers per door provide smooth operation, and a narrow header produces streamlined aesthetics. The catalog also introduces the company’s new line of designer grab bars, which increase safety while adding a modern decorative accent. To complement contemporary styled bathrooms, the company offers a matte black finish on its most popular shower door hardware.


Optimized Production

Thanks to its strategic partnerships, machinery manufacturer Adelio Lattuada says it can offer customized integration solutions that offer a number of advantages. These include increased levels of automation, flexibility, and productivity, optimized production and reduced costs. The most common applications include a fully automatic glass size reading device and a Kuka robot connecting two edgers.

Features of the company’s Lattuada Robotic Solution also include automatic and integrated online-measuring of the glass; automatic adjustment of the speed according to the glass size; continuous production for a higher productivity (compared to the fixed distance solution); and the ability to rotate the glass 90° or 180°.


Molded Corners Produce Reliable Gasket Frames

Vulcanized or transfer molded corners from Lauren Manufacturing are designed for butt joints in critical sealing applications. According to the company, the transfer molding process involves connecting two or more rubber extrusions using a moldable material from a like compound.

This helps ensures material compatibility and avoids concerns about the breakdown of a joint over time. Compared to butt joints and adhesives, transfer molding produces a bond with greater integrity and better appearance, according to the company.

Lauren can use this technique to create simple corners or complex frames made up of multiple dissimilar profiles.

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