Sharp Glass Achieves NACC Certification

Sharp Glass LLC of San Antonio is the latest glazing contractor to meet the requirements for certification by the North American Contractor Certification (NACC) Program for glazing contractors. The NACC is the glazing industry’s only third-party, ANSI accredited recognition of glazing contractors who consistently adhere to program requirements for quality and safety excellence. By having met the NACC requirements, Sharp Glass has demonstrated that they have processes and procedures in place to consistently replicate their past, successful performances.

“We have always strived to do things the right way,” says Clint Sharp, chief operating officer. “When we learned about the NACC we felt like it perfectly fit with the goals we were trying to achieve.”

When asked if he thought that preparation for the certification process improved his company, Sharp commented that processes had always been a huge part of what the company does.

“We knew we had some areas to improve, and by working to meet the program requirements we found the missing links we had always talked about implementing,” he says.

Sharp Glass is the third Texas-based glazing contractor to achieve NACC certification this year. “It seems like there has been added interest in the program just since the pandemic,” says Ben Beeler, the program’s technical director. “Glazing contractors are looking for better ways to differentiate themselves. Not only does certification, in and of itself, provide that differentiation, but by implementing the program’s required quality management tools glazing contractors are discovering tangible financial benefits. The program paves the way for significant and sustainable improvements in performance and quality.”

When asked how achieving NACC certification will benefit their customers, Sharp said, “We have already seen some very noticeable improvements since implementing the processes needed for certification. This will definitely improve all aspects of providing a quality product to our customers. I highly recommend going through the process.”

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