AGNORA Welcomes Shari Robinson as Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Shari Robinson

Shari Robinson is AGNORA’s new vice president of sales and marketing. Within her role, Robinson will guide, build and mentor AGNORA’s sales and marketing teams to capture an increased share of the oversized architectural glass market while continuing to nurture culture and customer service, according to the company.

Robinson has held senior sales and marketing positions for PwC, KPMG and The Economist, creating global, client oriented best practices that have earned both accolades and recognition from respected industry leaders, according to the company.

“Her aptitude for creating comprehensive business systems including coaching programs, strategic partnerships programs, cross-selling programs and identifying additional revenue streams has resulted in exponential revenue growth throughout the organizations she has been involved with,” says a company statement. “With a strong client-centric approach to sales, Shari looks to strengthen AGNORA’s customer service position and foster AGNORA’s upward growth well into the next decade.”

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