Reports Point to Glass Apps Closure

Reports suggest that Glass Apps of Salt Lake City, a switchable glass provider, is no longer conducting business. The company’s website is no longer active, emails to employees’ email addresses are undeliverable, and this includes emails sent to a representative of the company’s Bogota, Colombia, location. Additionally, phone calls from USGNN™’s editors were not answered nor returned.

A former customer posted in a Facebook group on December 3, 2020 that the company had gone out of business. Additionally, a representative for a competitor of Glass Apps said he received calls from customers prior to Christmas who also reported that the company had closed.

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3 Responses to Reports Point to Glass Apps Closure

  1. Bernard Lax says:

    I believe I heard they had closed, so if you are a customer that had an order pending with them, please feel free to call Pulp Studio. Our Switchlite product has been produced for 20 years with plenty of happy customers and and is the only product in the market with SPG certification.

  2. Eddy Kamdem says:

    Vario Glass: a Smart Glass manufacturer with UL certification.

  3. Smart Glass Country is an option as well- with good size limitations and service thru out the country.

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