Reports Are That J.E. Berkowitz Has Closed

USGNN™ has been notified by several industry sources that J.E. Berkowitz (JEB) in Pedricktown, N.J., part of Consolidated Glass Holdings (CGH), has closed. Calls to JEB and its senior management team, as well as its minority investor Czech Asset Management have not been immediately returned. However, an employee with another CGH company confirmed that JEB had closed.

Sources say the company has not filed any of the usual plant closing documents that normally would be part of such an action.

Click here to read a statement from CGH about the situation.

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2 Responses to Reports Are That J.E. Berkowitz Has Closed

  1. T says:

    My husband worked at that company for 28 1/2 years just for them to furlough them with no notice at all and a month later gets a letter in the mail they closed permanently! What an unbelievable joke they were. Once CGH took over (which clearly had no clue what they were doing) they ran it into the ground! Seems to be a pattern with them. Look at their other branches that either have or are closing. At least they had the decency to give the one company heads up that their closing in 60 days since JEB got no notice at all! Slimy scum. They are using covid as their excuse but they were sinking long before that because they had a lot of idiots in charge from upstairs management to out on the floor supervisors!

    • Joe Buono says:

      The company was tanking even before CGH took over. Why do you think a private equity bought them in the first place.

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