Glass 3 Enterprises takes part in Habitat for Humanity’s Build Day

credit to G3E

Glass 3 Enterprises (G3E), a U.S. and Canadian supplier and sourcing provider for commercial architectural glass, announced its 2021 philanthropic initiative with the Greater Vancouver Habitat for Humanity’s Build Day.

On May 5, the G3E team, which included family, spouses and friends, spent the day volunteering for the cause.

“We are dedicated to serving the community and exploring opportunities that allow us to give back; this year we chose Habitat for Humanity’s Build Day,” says Gayle Morris, market development manager for G3E.  “We didn’t want to just do good things—we wanted to do the right things and contribute both financially and in human resources. We chose May 5, as this day which coincided with the Women Build 2021 campaign.”

Habitat for Humanity heavily relies on financial contributions and volunteerism; Glass 3 Enterprises also contributed by gifting vanity mirrors in cooperation with MX Glass & Mirror.

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