A New Museum to Open, Adding to Shanghai Skyline

Designed by French architect Jean Nouvel, the Museum of Art Pudong, located at 2777 Binjiang Avenue, in Shanghai is scheduled to open to the public on July 8. The seven-story structure with 54,000 square meters of space will feature large spans of glass supplied by Tianjin NorthGlass. According to the company, the maximum height of a single piece of glass is 12 meters, with seven layers of laminated hollow structure and weighing up to 10 tons with thicknesses of up to 130 millimeters.

“The back is a one-way perspective glass, the two groups of glass form a mirror glass interface, a 5 meters wide landscape channel is in the middle, the whole facade and electronic fluorescent screen combine to form a part of the photoelectric glass,” according to NorthGlass. An LED screen also provides an opportunity to visualize art paintings and exhibitions.

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