Strength of Steel

Michigan material handling equipment manufacturer, Endura-Veyor Inc. has redesigned its hinged steel belt conveyors to withstand abrasion and other special handling issues glass cullet presents. EVI Glass Cullet conveyors add significant value whether located under drop leaves of automatic breakouts for increasing system productivity or improving worker safety when configured with table level infeed guides on manual breakout tables, according to the company. The conveyors include integral crushing rolls for breaking up long strip cullet, reducing personnel handling of cullet, break out operator risk exposure, production interruptions for scrap container replacement and scrap bin and dumpster space, according to the company.

Architectural Metals

Transformative Outer Shell Fenestration Solution Inc.’s architectural metal coverings for residential and commercial markets can transform the appearance of structures and add an architectural flair, according to the company. The new line of façade coverings, including image-based perforated metal sheets, may be used on multi-family buildings, condominiums, healthcare facilities, botanical gardens, parking garages, stadiums, office buildings and retail structures. These façade coverings can cover an entire building or enhance a walkway. The durable and flexible coverings are designed to fit underlying structures and come in perforated, expanded, wire or welded metal options. Besides providing a unique design to any structure, the architectural covers also offer
shading, added safety, ventilation and privacy. The products are manufactured by Valmont Structures, a Valmont Industries company.


Pairing Mechanical Strength and Elasticity

Sika Corp.’s Vertical Glass product line now includes the new SikaTack Panel-50. This one-component neutral curing silicone combines mechanical strength with elasticity. It is suited for use in structural joints in ventilated façades between the vertically installed substructure and the façade panels that will be subjected to dynamic and static stresses. The SikaTack Panel-50 allows for the design of aesthetically-pleasing building façades that improve modern living comfort, promote energy savings and sustainable building investment, according to the company. The system has been designed for use in both new construction and refurbishment. According to the company, system benefits include eliminating the need for unsightly screws or rivets in panel fixation, elastic bonding that provides uniform tension over the whole panel and means no deflections of panels, ability to withstand high dynamic stresses, fast installation, increased thermal performance on exterior walls and creative façade design opportunities.

Inspection Equipment

Prevent Visible Anisotropy

Anisotropies are rainbow colored, optical irregularities in thermally tempered glass which become visible through polarized light. In the past, this visually disruptive quality issue was considered unavoidable and production related. However, Arnold Glas now offers a scanning technology that measures the amount of anisotropy on glass during production. Fabricators now have the ability to make adjustments during the tempering process that eliminate this issue. Using a special measuring process, the isotropy value of all thermally treated glass can be rated and documented. The tempering quality is verifiable for each lite of glass and its visual appearance is more predictable, according to the company. The StrainScanner with Arcon Topview can help guarantee that glass meets specific isotropic values, according to the company.

Impact-resistant Doors

Making a Slimpact

Faour Glass Technologies recently was awarded a patent for its hurricane door design that performs without major framing members. The Slimpact Frameless Door System was introduced in 2017 and is designed and approved for large missile impact-resistance, meeting Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zone requirements. The Slimpact product line includes an automated door and the Slimpact Window, also patented. The product line feature a structural glazing technique with no framing on the window and minimal metal on the doors. The design provides unobstructed views while still meeting the industry’s toughest hurricane requirements.

Dynamic Glass

Cloud Tinting

Kinestral Technologies Inc., developer and manufacturer of Halio smart-tinting glass, has deployed a European version of its Halio Cloud Control System that is compliant with the European Union’s data and privacy laws. Kinestral began large-scale shipments of Halio from its manufacturing facility in Taiwan for projects in Europe early last quarter. The Halio Cloud Control System was designed to allow for manual or automated control as well as secure interaction with almost any third-party device and building automation system, according to the company. Together, Halio smart windows and the Halio Cloud provide users with an advanced natural light management system, which can be optimized for the ideal tint level for any time of day. The system factors in sunlight and brightness levels, as well as user preferences, according to the company. The Halio Cloud is designed to meet differing international standards, including the EU data privacy regulations, without any disruption to user operations anywhere in the world.


A Continuous Look

Pulp Studio has begun stocking and fabricating oversized low-iron mirror, which offers bright reflections, true colors and sharp focus. The mirror is available in sizes up to 126 inches by 236 inches, and helps minimize seams in installations where a continuous look is preferred. It can also be laminated to both glass and/or used with the company’s Light Glass Technology backer for safety applications, plus added safety during installation.


No Interference

Unelko Corp.’s Invisible Shield PRO 15 glass coating recently underwent testing performed by DowSil. The test results concluded that the product’s nano scale repellent nature has no negative impact with dominant structural adhesives including 795 Black, 983SGS Black and 791 Black, according to the company.

A common challenge with coatings has been the question of whether hydrophobic protective glass coatings have a negative impact on sealants and silicones, according to the company. Unelko’s Invisible Shield PRO 15 glass and surface protective coating bonded to glass cleanly and the sealant never released its grip from the treated glass surface, even under rigorous force, according to a company statement. In some tests, the sealant itself broke apart midway while the bottom part of the sealant kept its bond to the treated glass.

Laminated Glass

Extra Strong

Şişecam Flat Glass has premiered its “extra strong” laminated glass. The glass is produced by combining two or more lites of glass with a strong and durable special binding agency, extra stiff polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer under heat and pressure, creating a high security performance level.

Glazing Tape

Tape that Performs

Cleveland-based Capital Tape Co. offers VK Series structural glazing tapes that are designed to meet stringent performance standards required for curtainwall structural silicone glazing applications. VK Series foam tapes are AAMA approved, silicone compatible, double coated and available in two densities. This product is field proven and engineered to rigorous standards while being cost effective, according to the company.


Cut-Resistant Garments

HUB Industrial Supply has introduced a line of cut-resistant workwear aimed at protecting workers in the glass industry. The Cut Armour line of pullovers, aprons and jackets offers cut- and puncture-resistance while maintaining a comfort level that workers will appreciate, according to the company.

The CutArmour quarter-zip pullover features ANSI/ISEA 105 A5 cut protection on all exposed areas with a moisture-wicking fabric for extra comfort under the arms and in the back. The protective areas also have an ANSI puncture rating of 4 and an EN 388 rating of 3544E. The sleeves feature Comfort Palm thumbholes to ensure no part of the wrists or arms are exposed while working.

Architectural Metals

An Aesthetic Solution

Americlad by Quality Metalcrafts LLC provides architectural column covers to the construction industry. The column covers can be installed over I-beams or concrete columns for an aesthetic and appealing metal look. The columns can be produced in solid aluminum plate or metal composite materials in various custom and standard finishes, and are also available in stainless steel. Two systems are available: the AC-10, which is a reveal joint, or the AC-20, which offers a hairline joint condition.


Historic Integrity

The SCW3000 Series from St. Cloud Window is designed around a 3-inch frame and engineered to maintain a narrow sightline profile while facilitating the structural needs of large window openings. The product also maintains the historic integrity required for landmark properties.

The window offers the same performance test data as St. Cloud’s other high-performing product lines with sound transmission ratings up to 45 STC and 36 OITC (without the need for an acoustic interior panel), and thermal values ranging from 0.23 to 0.31 U-values and 0.16 to 0.36 SHGC values.

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