Announcing the Winners of the 2022 USGlass Readers’ Choice Awards

The time has once again come to celebrate the glass, glazing and fenestration industries’ latest innovations and products. To recognize the product achievements of 2022, USGlass magazine turned to readers to vote on the most significant products of the past year. These products span a variety of categories, from equipment, machinery, façade systems, protective glazing and more.

Voters were asked to select their favorite products listed in a survey sent to USGlass subscribers, and the winners are included in this special section. These winning products received the most votes among the nominees. The products were featured throughout the year in the USGlass Showcase department, the New Products Guide, news sections, show previews and advertisements in the magazine.

Product submissions are welcome throughout the year. Please email releases to Ellen Rogers at

Readers Choice For:

Architectural Glass

American Insulating Glass, Architectural Fabricated Glass

American Insulating Glass (AIG) offers fabricated glass products including tempered, insulating and laminated glass. A variety of other AIG offerings range from backpainted glass, low-E glass, shower enclosures, fire-rated glass, anti-reflective glass, patterned glass, and spandrel glass, among others.

Architectural Metals

Laminators Inc., Alumalite Series

Laminators Inc.’s redesigned product line includes Alumalite Standard, Alumalite Economy and Alumalite Ultra. Alumalite Standard is an aluminum composite panel with a high-density corrugated polypropylene core, while Alumalite Economy consists of a clear-profile and corrugated polypropylene core. Alumalite Ultra has a high-density corrugated polypropylene core and is available in 15-mm and 25-mm thicknesses.

Bird-Friendly Products

Kuraray, BirdSecure

Large glazed projects and buildings pose a risk to local and migrating birds. This led to the development of Trosifol® BirdSecure and SentryGlas® BirdSecure. These products incorporate a dot pattern on Trosifol UltraClear and SentryGlas.

BirdSecure is tested to American Bird Conservancy standards and can be used on its own or with solar-control coatings. The dot pattern is not discernible to humans from a distance of over 6.5 feet, so views will not be hindered or obstructed.

Curtainwall, Windows and Window Wall

All Weather Architectural Aluminum, Series 6100

All Weather Architectural Aluminum’s Series 6100 window is the first window system engineered by the company to meet California’s Title 24 compliance using the prescriptive method.

Series 6100 windows utilize a thermal strut system and offer double- and triple-pane glazing for maximum energy efficiency. The product features a robust 3-¾-inch frame, mitered corners and European corner keys for enhanced structural integrity to achieve a commercial performance grade. The Series 6100 is offered in fixed, casement, awning and combination configurations. Its maximum casement size is 48 inches by 96 inches and maximum fixed lite size of 60 square feet.

Decorative and Specialty Glazing

Energy Products Distribution, Glass Finishes

Energy Products Distribution offers 3M Co.’s Glass Finishes, which include four distinct product lines: Crystal Finishes, Fasara, Dichroic and DI-NOC for Glass. The Dusted and Frosted Crystals provide a sandblasted etched look that can be electrocut for logos and distraction bands. Fasara features more than 100 pre-printed patterns inspired by recent global design trends. Available in Blaze and Chill, Dichroic finishes have color-shifting properties that simulate dichroic glass at a lower cost. DI-NOC Glass Finishes combine the benefits of glass with the look of solid colors and natural surfaces such as wood, metals, stones and textiles.


Frameless Hardware Co., Unitized Clamping Gasket

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded U.S. Patent Number 11,187,323 to the FHC Unitizing Clamping Gasket. FHC says its clamping gasket eliminates the need to hold clamping jaws open manually and prevents components from falling out of door rails and other systems while affixing to the glass panel. The securing technology’s increased
glass bite improves holding strength and its concealed actuation hardware allows for uninterrupted hardware mounting, distributing clamping pressure evenly.

Doors and Door Products

Crystal Window & Door Systems, Aluminum Series

Crystal Window & Door Systems re-engineered and redesigned its Aluminum Series 1450 out-swing and Series 1460 in-swing terrace doors. Both doors are constructed with 0.093-inch wall thickness extrusion and a redesigned multi-chamber 3¼-inch jamb frame for highrise and wind-prone installations. Polyamide strut thermal breaks and heavy-duty gasketing provide U-values as low as 0.32 and a high level of thermal performance. The doors are customizable with color choices from a broad palette of standard and stock options, two-tone frame colors, as well as custom colors.

Dynamic Glazing

Viracon/Halio, Electrochromic Glazing

Viracon Plus Smart Glass powered by Halio is a self-tinting smart glass solution that incorporates Halio’s electrochromic technology into Viracon’s insulating glass units. Viracon says the smart glass optimizes occupant comfort by autonomously adjusting tint levels, reducing energy consumption and maximizing natural light. The technology enables a clear view when not tinted and a cool neutral gray when it is.

Fire-Rated Glazing

McGrory Glass, Fire-Rated Framing Systems

McGrory Glass offers Forster’s line of sustainable steel fire-rated framing systems along with its existing range of fire-rated glazing and butt-glazed systems. Forster develops steel profile systems for energy-efficient doors, windows and facades.

McGrory says the fire-rated glass assembly systems and fire doors allow for design freedom, while simultaneously meeting stringent building code requirements.

Glass Handling Equipment

Wood’s Powr-Grip, Power Rotator Tilter 5300

Wood’s Powr-Grip’s Power Rotator Tilter 5300 is a capacity vacuum lifter
with DC voltage and integrated counter-balance. The product has a capacity of 5,300 pounds, 35 inches of overhang reach, 360-degree power rotation, 90-degree tilt and an adjustable pad frame.

Glass Protection

Surface Armor, Window Armor Product Line

Surface Armor’s Window Armor 60, 90C/90B and 180 are offered in light transparent blue with low-density polyethylene backing. They are also coated with a water-based acrylic adhesive. The 60 is ideal for short-term projects and is 1.4-mm thick. The 90C/90B provides protection for up to 90 days of UV exposure and is 2.0-mm thick. The 180 is ideal for mid-term projects and is 3.0-mm thick. Surface Armor also offers Window Armor 365
and 365P. Both are 3.0-mm thick, come in transparent dark blue and include PVC backing. They are coated with solvent-based acrylic adhesive. The 365 is ideal for extreme sunlight and other weather anomalies while the 365P is ideal for monumental projects.

Glass Railings and Wind Screens

C.R. Laurence (CRL), Cielo Post Windscreen System

The Cielo Post Windscreen System from CRL has a 3 ¼-inch front trim and 4 ½-inch post depth. The system delivers optimal structural performance while producing virtually unobstructed views. No horizontal extrusions are required for support, resulting in glass spans of up to five feet. The windscreen system can withstand windloads of up to 80 PSF. It is designed for applications such as rooftop swimming pools, dining areas, lounges and other high-altitude exteriors. The system is available in 6-, 7- and 8-foot standard post heights. End posts, center posts, and 90-degree corner posts are also available.

Glazier Hardware and Supplies

C.R. Laurence, Blumcraft PA100 Panic Device

CRL introduced the Blumcraft PA100 panic device for 12-foot doors. This new panic system has been tested to 500,000 cycles without failure to achieve ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 rating. It has a tubular form that is designed with an ultra-narrow, 11/4-inch diameter and an actuating crossbar that requires six pounds of push force to retract the top latch. It is fabricated using CNC machining and finishing equipment and has more than 20 exterior pull handle designs available for use with 13/16-inch laminated glass.

Glazing Systems

Binswanger, Architectural Glazing Solutions

Binswanger Glass works with a range of curtainwall systems to create a safe and comfortable environment. These systems include veneer curtainwalls, hurricane resistance, blast mitigation, stick-built curtainwalls, unitized curtainwalls, and more.

Inspection Equipment

LiteSentry-Softsolution, Glaston – White Haze Scanner

LiteSentry-SoftSolution offers the White Haze Scanner, developed in cooperation with Glaston and designed to focus on the glass defect known as “white haze.” Reflection-based technology allows the scanner to identify white haze in glass. The scanner is placed at the exit side of the tempering furnace and provides real-time feedback to the furnace operators.

Insulating Glass Products

Quanex, TriSeal

Quanex’s Super Spacer TriSeal delivers optimal thermal performance, aesthetic appeal and long-term durability. This is the result of a triple seal design that incorporates an inner acrylic adhesive seal for immediate unit handling. TriSeal also incorporates a polyisobutylene primary seal for enhanced gas retention and low moisture vapor transmission, along with an outer silicone seal for proven structural strength and durability.

Machinery, Cutting Equipment

Glassline, Automatic Glass Slitting and Breaking System

Glassline offers a new automatic glass slitting and breaking system that can uni-directionally score glass blocks into a large number of smaller blocks. An HMI screen allows for the use and positioning of the slitting heads. The scores are opened automatically via a dynamic breaking system for further processing. The system provides throughput and has user-friendly features.

TIE: Machinery, Drilling and Edging Equipment

Bovone, ELB 11/45 FA

Bovone offers ELB fully automatic grinding machines that eliminate the need for manual adjustments. This helps manage the grinding wheels according to wear degree. The machines also feature an acoustic and visual system to warn the operator when there is a need to replace the grinding wheel. The automatic adjustment of the spindle height allows for fast changing of the grinding wheel.

Lattuada, Fully Automatic Edger

Lattuada offers a fully automatic robotic line with a 13-wheel edger. The machine can be operated as a closed line, with a robot moving on a track and managing the glass loading, its turnaround and unloading, or alternatively the glass can be run through an in-line washer.

The company also offers an automatic mitering machine with A-WR and i-AL packages. Some of the new features of the machine include: a glass length measuring device at the outlet; load cells to monitor the conveyor tightness; a machine consumption reading device; and condition monitoring sensors on the two gearboxes to prevent breakage.

Machinery, Aluminum Fabrication Equipment

Glazier Center, RhinoFab 9700

Glaziers Center’s RhinoFab 9700 takes door blank and storefront/curtainwall stock length fabrication and combines them into one automated machining center for flexibility and precision. Finished door blanks can be fabricated in minutes rather than hours, according to the company. The equipment performs precise drilling, routing and countersinking operations on hinges, locks, panic hardware and closers. Other capabilities include cutting, drilling, countersinking, routing, beveling and mitering architectural aluminum stock lengths up to 31 feet long. The RhinoFab 9700 also fabricates pressure plates and cover caps.

Machinery, Glass Coating Equipment

ClearShield, ClearPad VPIR-200

ClearShield’s ClearPad VPIR-200 application machine features an automated method of vertically applying its surface treatment for glass with pads. Pad application reduces wastage and airborne particles, according to the company. The machine is ideal for new or existing large-volume glass fabricators.

Machinery, Insulating Glass Production

Lisec, TPA Line

Lisec automatic TPA system for applying thermoplastic spacer bars is designed to switch seamlessly between different dimensions of the glass. According to the company, the TPA system offers permanent support of all center glasses and has a greater output compared to other lines due to its vertical lift-over.

Machinery, Laminating Equipment

Forel, Art. LL

The Art. LL lamination line from Forel can assemble several layers of glass up to a maximum thickness of 80 millimeters. Forel says that the line end unloader, can lift up to 1,500 kilograms.

Belts and rollers align the glass after rolling and then position it in the center of the line. The glass is then picked up by a system of suction cups, conveying it to the assembly area, where the magazine of PVB rolls is located. The PVB film is spread out over the glass automatically, and the second lite is then positioned on top of the first to make up the unit.

TIE – Machinery, Tools and Supplies

Diamut, CNC Tools

Diamut’s CNC tools are designed for monolithic and laminated glass processing. These tools are perfected to ensure quality of results and reliability, according to the company. Its range of tools includes drills and counter-sinks, cutting and shaping mills, peripheral grinding wheels, cup grinding wheels, cutting discs, among others.

TIE – Machinery, Tools and Supplies

Salem Fabrication Supplies, Vista Polishing Products

Vista is an exclusive premium cerium oxide glass-polishing compound from
Salem Fabrication Supplies. The product is a versatile, white polishing compound that is equally effective in both production glass polishing applications and glass cleaning in pre-silvering scrubs. Vista’s formulation exhibits a free-flowing sheeting action that reduces both carryout and the necessity for the post polish cleaning of glass and equipment.

TIE – Machinery, Tempering Equipment

Mappi, MTH Monolith

Mappi’s MTH Monolith is a new furnace designed to manage large load volumes and process large slabs of glass. The MTH has a maximum load floor of 3300- by 6000-mm. Mappi says that despite its size, users do not sacrifice quality, flexibility or energy savings.

Glasstech, EPB system

Glasstech’s new EPB system produces large area windshields and rooflites. The system has the ability to form parts with an overall size of 1.6 meters by 2.13 meters in low-stress mode for windshields or heat-strengthened mode for some laminated rooflites. The system also incorporates features for improving transmitted optics, technology that can form complex shaped parts, commonality with standard EPB-L tooling and more.

Machinery, Washing Equipment

Billco Manufacturing Inc., Flat Substrate Washers

Billco Manufacturing Inc. designs and builds flat substrate washers, with process widths available between 20- and 132-inches. The company says its washers use various forms of wet surface agitation for maximized contaminate removal, segregated chemistry zones, impinging spray zones and full-width solid rolls throughout all cleaning and blow-off zones.

Machinery, Other

Bohle (manufacturer); DeGorter (distributor), Water Filtration System

The Bohle Sedimentor water filtration system is designed to effectively
filter out glass solids from the grinding coolant in the system and return clean water to the tank. This allows glass processing with continuously clean water. According to the company, constantly running clean water means cooler diamond and more effective diamond tooling, helping extend the life of the tools and the edging machine.

Moveable Partitions and Panels

All Weather Architectural Aluminum, Series 9200 Door System

All Weather Architectural Aluminum’s Series 9200 is a thermally-broken bifold door system that allows ample natural light and maximizes views.

The top-hung folding doors feature a narrow 2 1/16-inch stile and rail profile, 2 3/8-inch thick panels and a pinch-proof child-safe design. The door system offers an unlimited number of panels, simulated divided lite and true divided lite options, multiple thresholds and handle hardware options.

Protective Glazing

Impact Security, DefenseLite

DefenseLite is a patented security glazing system manufactured by Impact Security LLC designed to mount onto existing glazed openings, creating forced-entry protection at what is typically the weakest link in a building’s security profile. A bullet-resistant version of called BulletShield, is available, backed by independent tests that the company says yielded UL 752 ballistic ratings.


IGK, Primary and Secondary IG Sealants

IGK 711 is a single component, hot-melt system designed for use and application as a secondary seal in insulating glass systems. It can be used with box-, flexible foam- and u-shaped spacers made of metal and or coextruded metal/plastic spacer bars. The focus of the development of this new product is on homogeneous melting and cooling behavior over a wide range of temperatures including a green strength early in the cooling process.

Shower Door Products and Resources

FHC, Shower Design Program

FHC upgraded its shower design program. The Denali, Clearwater and Pacifica single-sliders are now supported in the program, as well as the Napa double-sliding system. These sliding shower systems in both 180° and 90° configurations have pre-drawn templates loaded in the program for easy shower creation.


FeneTech, Fenevision

FeneTech’s FeneVision Ultimate v.15.3 system includes advanced purchasing and inventory control functionalities. New features include the ability to create a vendor scorecard report, define inventory bins as non-nettable, designate ABC and XYZ inventory classifications and view inventory demand by either the day or month and more.

Tools and Supplies

EDTM, Glass-Check Elite

EDTM’s Glass-Check Elite allows users to identify laminated glass in a window and measure the thickness of the laminate interlayer. The Glass-Check Elite has 12 operating modes, one of which can identify the lite of glass with the low-E coating when the coated surface is placed against the laminate interlayer. Improved technology from previous versions can indicate if the low-E coating within the glass is a hard-coat or soft-coat product.

Storefronts and Entrances

Frameless Hardware Company, Aspire Glass Door

FHC’s Aspire thermally-broken insulating glass entrance door uses polyamide strut thermal barriers between the inside and outside aluminum extrusion members. The door handle hardware connects directly to the glass, producing a heavy glass door appearance. The system features narrow width vertical door stiles that have a unique clamping mechanism and unitizing gaskets for fast installations, durability and longevity. The door also has stainless-steel corner joinery and a pivot alignment system in both
top and bottom door rails for easy installation and alignment, according to the company.

Trucks and Transportation

MyGlassTruck, Glass Racks

MyGlassTruck offers exterior and interior glass racks for installation on Ford E-Transit electric cargo vans. Thanks to the location of the battery packs underneath the van, the company says it was able to design a mounting system that eliminates the need to drill through the van’s frame or floor to mount the racks.

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