Monda Window & Door Systems Inc. Announces Price Increase

Monda Window & Door Systems Inc. announced that it will increase prices following vendor rate hikes.

In a statement to customers, Monda admitted that recent price hikes by vendors, particularly Guardian Glass, came as a shock and will force them to adjust accordingly. As such, Monda will implement an 8% price increase on all orders effective July 5, 2022.

“Due to the short notice and unprecedented price hike, we cannot absorb the high costs from these glass suppliers,” Monda said in a statement. “We have to make adjustments on our prices accordingly to ensure that we can supply all of our products with a reasonable lead time while maintaining our quality standards.”

Guardian Glass recently raised prices on an assortment of products. This includes all thicknesses of clear float and tinted float, which will increase by 40%, along with the prices of tempered glass, tempered coated and patterned glass. UltraClear, coated SunGuard, coated ClimaGuard, ShowerGuard and laminated glass will all increase by 20%. Mirror prices will increase by 25%.

Guardian Glass cites supply chain disruptions, industry conditions and raw material costs as reasons that prompted the price increases.

“The global situation facing all of us has created unprecedented pressure on our business,” said executive vice president of the Americas Rick Zoulek and Lance Altizer, vice president of sales in the Americas, in a joint letter issued June 10. “Therefore, based upon ongoing extreme volatility in raw material costs, supply chain disruptions and current industry conditions, Guardian Glass will implement a price increase effective on all shipments starting June 20, 2022.”

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