Chicago Glass Conference Kicks Off with Tempering and Fabrication Topics

The 2022 Glass Conference in Chicago began on Monday at the Renaissance Hotel in Northbrook, Ill. The event, which is sponsored by the National Glass Association (NGA) kicked off with a Fabricating Committee meeting that covered various topics and activities the committee has undertaken. The association is updating the Glazing Manual and has also developed a Glossary of Architectural Glass & Glazing Terms.

The National Glass Association (NGA) sponsored event takes place in Chicago this year.

The tempering division discussed a planned update to ASTM C14 for architectural glass-clad polycarbonate. Several new items were also discussed, including updating the former Glass Association of North America center punch fragmentation of flat glass document as an ASTM test method.

In addition, the committee is working on a Glass Technical Paper (GTP) for measuring distortion, which is out for ballot. The group discussed adding visual examples and more definitions to several terms to make the document more complete.

The committee is also updating the best practices for heat soak testing GTP. The group is working to add more clarification to the document, such as a best practices or dos and don’ts to the document.

New technologies for glass stress and possible alternatives to the center punch fragmentation test method were discussed. The committee discussed whether glass stress measurement could be an alternative, and plans to revisit to the topic at a later time.

There was also an update on ASTM’s work on ceramic enamel, specifically the E1300 Standard. That committee is working to develop a method to determine the load factors of glass when ceramic frits are used.

Discussions on post tempering edge grinding were also on the agenda. For some time, the group has been talking with industry consultant Bill Lingnell on a research project to determine if post-tempering surface polishing and/or edge grinding reduces the glass strength. The group decided to hold discussion to include Lingnell, who was unable to attend this meeting.

The Chicago Glass Conference takes place today through Wednesday. Stay tuned to USGNN™ for more news and updates from the event.

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