Maryland Glass & Mirror Offers DFI Protective Coatings as Standard on Shower Enclosures

Maryland Glass & Mirror announced that it will offer Diamon-Fusion International’s (DFI) Diamon Fusion® protective coating as a standard feature on all of its shower enclosures via a FuseCube™ Express glass coating machine.

The standard feature ensures that the Diamon-Fusion coating is applied to both sides of the shower doors, says Maryland Glass & Mirror, a Maryland-based glass fabricator.

“Maryland Glass will be applying Diamon-Fusion protective coating to all our showers that we produce,” says Matt Dalbke, vice president of Maryland Glass & Mirror. “We strive to offer the highest quality shower doors and feel that incorporating Diamon-Fusion to our complete line of shower doors is key to doing so.”

Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds to glass fillings, which results in an invisible barrier that reduces cleaning times and prevents stains. Diamon-Fusion has no cure time, seals the glass surface and can be applied via automated machinery.

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