SCHOTT Partners with Emirates Glass to Provide Fire-Resistant Glazing

Emirates Glass, a designer of architectural flat glass based in the Middle East, announced a partnership with SCHOTT to provide high-performance glazing that features fire resistance qualities.

SCHOTT, an international manufacturer of high-tech materials for specialty glass, will supply the fire-resistant specialty glass, which will then be processed and distributed by Emirates Glass. The fire-resistant glazing has been tested to ensure that it can withstand temperatures reached during a fire and provide protection for a stated period.

“Modern architects and planners strive to make every building unique by integrating the latest designs and products,” says Emirates Glass executive president Rizwanulla Khan. “This new innovative fire-resistant glass from Emirates Glass and SCHOTT paves the way for contemporary designs, maximizing natural light and creating more open and connected interiors. This fire-resistant glazing is a step forward in enhancing the creativity, fulfilling requirements of fire protection authorities.”

According to Emirates Glass, the specialty glass provides the possibilities for fire-resistant glazing of facades, partition walls, skylights, roof lights, doors and windows that meet international safety requirements.

“The Middle East with its high architectural ambitions is a very attractive market,” says SCHOTT vice president Stefan Hergott. “Partnering with Emirates Glass allows us to enhance our presence and address the requirements of regional customers at the same time. We are looking forward to the cooperation.”

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