Poll: How Important is Glass Recycling to Your Company?

Recycling glass helps reduce waste, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save raw materials. Despite these benefits, many glass companies still landfill their glass to save money and time. The U.S. produces around 10 million tons of architectural glass each year. Of that 10 million tons, only about 25% is recycled.

Here at USGlass, we are interested in how important glass recycling is to your company. Is it an ongoing process or an idea you’re mulling around? Maybe you reject the notion outright. We would like to know.

If you would like to discuss this topic further, email Joshua Huff at jhuff@glass.com to get the conversation started.

How important is glass recycling to your company?

  • Very Important - We want to be involved with where our glass waste goes. (48%)
  • Somewhat Important – We like the thought but finding a recycling company that handles architectural glass is difficult. (48%)
  • Not at all - Landfilling glass is easier and inexpensive. Plus, training employees to segregate glass from the rest of the garbage is a challenge. (4%)
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