Pilkington IGP Building New Glass Processing Plant in Poland to Meet Increasing Demand

NSG Group announced that a new Pilkington IGP glass processing plant in Sandomierz, Poland, has broken ground and is scheduled for commission in May 2023. The new facility will add more jobs in the area, shorten lead times and enhance production times, states Pilkington IGP.

The company adds that the addition is in response to the growing demand for glass and insulating glass units.

The new facility will add more jobs in the area, shorten lead times and enhance production times, states Pilkington IGP.

“The needs are growing, and the orders include more and more extensive batches of insulating glass units,” Pilkington IGP wrote in a statement. “This is related not only to the enhanced use of glass in architecture but also to the interest in the new functionality of glazing, which responds to the needs of consumers – corporate and retail customers. The higher volume of orders implies that scheduled lead times are longer and longer, and the orders not included in the plan stand a little chance of being fulfilled due to production capacity constraints.”

The new glass processing plant will feature specialized machinery and equipment. This includes two manufacturing lines for insulating glass units, glass cutting tables, scissor lifts, manipulators, and benders. The facility will feature 56,510 square feet of production space alongside 10,763 square feet of office, social and warehousing space.

“We have constantly been searching for new ways of development,” says CEO Krzysztof Granicki. “This time, it is a production boost driven by market development … For us, this is an opportunity for growth and a response to the needs of our key accounts in southern Poland, and new full-time positions for the local labor market – we will be recruiting to fill in vacancies in the months to come.”

The company aims to hire 103 workers for various positions, including maintenance technician, glass cutter, shipping worker and glass processing machine operator.

Pilkington IGP manufactures tempered, enameled, screen-printed and IGUs for structural glazing, as well as glass processing and distribution.

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