Like so many little girls, I grew up with my fair share of Barbie Dolls and accessories. From clothes and shoes, to Corvettes and swimming pools and, yes, the Dream House™, my sister and I had it all. And over the years we watched as Barbie changed careers almost as much as she changed hairstyles and shoes. I can’t think of anyone who has had more careers than Barbie—she’s been an astronaut, a CEO, a firefighter and computer engineer, among many, many other titles. This year is no exception as Barbie has added “architect to her career list.

As part of her new job, Barbie even had a presence at this year’s American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) National Convention. A special exhibition offered young girls the chance to design their own Barbie Dream House, providing them an avenue to not only learn about architecture, but also how it’s a field in which women can excel.

And taking the Barbie exhibition one step further, the AIA is hosting a contest inviting architects to design Barbie’s newest Dream Home a project that would be re-miss without a significant display of glass.

Per the criteria for Barbie’s new home, it “should reflect the best sustainable design principles …” Well, sounds to me like she is going to need some high-performance windows. As we all know, these are a good, green choices as they can help reduce heating and cooling costs and also allow for abundant daylighting.

Barbie says her house should have a kitchen that’s “functional and fabulous.” Glass in the kitchen? No problem. Glass tiles or a backpainted glass product would be great for a backsplash and as for the countertop we can give her the look of granite with a recycle glass-content product. For the appliances there are even glass-front products that would be perfect for her gourmet kitchen. She also notes, “I love natural light in my kitchen so windows are critical.”

Barbie says she also needs a luxurious bathroom. Well what bathroom is complete without a glass shower enclosure? Whether a heavy glass frameless enclosure or a decorative option, such as a door featuring patterns or textures, the options are near endless. Of course, we can also work some glass tile into the shower walls and or backsplashes and we’ll be sure to work in some fancy mirror, too.

Living in Santa Monica, Barbie’s home also has a fantastic view of the California coast, something she’d like to take full advantage of in her new home. What better way to do so than with a folding wall system. These products are a great way to bring the outdoors in—a trend that’s become increasingly popular among homeowners.

I’m just scratching the surface here with all the glass options that are possible. Contest entries are due June 27 and the winner is expected to be announced August 2.

Any other ideas for glass in Barbie’s house? Share your ideas in the space below.