Thirteen Italian companies will exhibit at the upcoming GlassBuild America show, where they will introduce their newest glass-processing developments. The group stand, organized by GIMAV in partnership with Italian Trade Agency, will occupy an area of 714 square meters, 100 more than at the previous Las Vegas edition, held in 2016.

“As indicated by the data from our study center, the United States stands out again this year as the number-one customer of Italian glass-processing technology,” states GIMAV director Laura Biason. “The Italian group stand in Las Vegas aims to uphold our industry’s leadership position in terms of innovation, quality, customization and after-sales service.”

GIMAV member companies include:

  • Adelio Lattuada, booth 2363
  • ADI, booth 2163
  • Bottero, booth 2173
  • Cugher, booth 2263A
  • Elettromeccanica Bovone, booth 2574
  • Macotec, booth 2563
  • Mappi, booth 2263
  • Mole Moreschi, booth 2569
  • Optima, booth 2269
  • Schiatti Angelo, booth 2663
  • Star, booth 2169
  • TK, booth 2469
  • Triulzi Cesare Special Equipments, booth 2562
  • GIMAV and Vitrum, booth 2463

Click here for an interactive map of all GIMAV members that will be at the show.