The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has released AAMA 903-12, “Voluntary Standard for Performance Testing of Handle Sets used with Multipoint Hardware on Side-Hinged Doors.”

Developed by AAMA’s Door Handle Set Task Group, AAMA 903 establishes test procedures and performance criteria for evaluating lever handle sets designed for use with multipoint hardware on side-hinged doors.

“This standard gives industry professionals a more appropriate tool for evaluating door handle sets as a standalone hardware item,” says Matt Taylor, HOPPE North America Inc., and chair of AAMA’s Door Handle Set Task Group. “Other hardware standards typically test a lock and its handle set together, which often results in many performance requirements for the lock, but few for the accompanying handle set. AAMA 903 defines performance criteria unique to handle sets giving users more capability to evaluate these products specifically.”

AAMA 903-12 references AAMA 907-12, “Voluntary Specification for Corrosion Resistant Coating on Carbon Steel Components,” which covers requirements for corrosion resistant coatings on carbon steels used for hardware components in door, window and skylight applications.