The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) is set to release AAMA 103-14a, Procedural Guide for Certification of Window, Door and Skylight Assemblies, on December 1.

According to AAMA, the document has been completely re-written and re-formatted to comply with new ANSI accreditation requirements. Additionally, a new feature of the document is the enlargement of the initial certification period from four to five years, plus the option to extend the certification of qualifying products for an additional five years if additional quality checks are added to the licensee’s Quality Management System.

These additional requirements are outlined in section 17 of the document, and certification to the new five-year term will be implemented upon publication of this document on December 1. All existing certifications that have not expired by that date will be eligible for the five-year extension on December 1, and new certifications for the air-water-structural program will be for five years upon implementation.

“The addition of the five-year initial certification term to AAMA’s window and door certification program will allow our licensees to see a larger return on their testing dollars,” says Jason Seals, AAMA’s certification manager. “Additionally, those participating in the five-year extension program can see an even larger return on their investment, while also gaining additional benefits from the enhanced quality control program and ten year total certification term.”

AAMA was formerly accredited to ISO/IEC Guide 65, published in 1996. Now, AAMA will be accredited to the new ISO/IEC 17065, titled Conformity Assessment – Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, which was published in 2012.

AAMA 103-14A, along with other AAMA documents, will be available from AAMA’s Publication Store.