The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) updated and released a document laying out the process for determining the thermal performance characteristics of fenestration systems in commercial buildings. This document was last updated in 2012.

“The primary driver for this revision was for improvement and clarification of the reporting certificate,” says Pella’s Joe Hayden, chair of the AAMA 507 review task group. “This was previously referred to as a ‘Certificate of Compliance,’ and has now been changed to a ‘Fenestration Product Rating Certificate’ to better indicate its intended purpose.”

Hayden says additional improvements were made to the certificate and an SI version has been added. Other revisions to the document included the removal of outdated information and editorial clarifications.

AAMA 507-15, “Standard Practice for Determining the Thermal Performance Characteristics of Fenestration Systems in Commercial Buildings,” can be found at AAMA’s Publication Store.