A workplace accident occurred Saturday, October 7 at the AGC Flat Glass North America facility in Church Hill, Tenn.

Chris Cannon, director of communications for the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration (TOSHA) confirmed the accident to USGNN.com™.

“TOSHA dispatched an investigator to the plant to determine what circumstances led to this accident,” he said. “TOSHA will conduct and complete a thorough investigation into the accident. The agency typically surveys the scene, reviews company records and procedures and conducts interviews during its investigations.”

“A workplace injury investigation can take between six and eight weeks to complete. TOSHA does not release preliminary information before its investigations are completed. When the final report is submitted, the investigation is then open for public review,” Cannon added.

AGC did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

However, an article from the Kingsport, Tenn. “Times-News” reports that AGC human resources manager Tom Segelhorst confirmed that an individual was taken to the hospital.

“We did have an accident here in a loading operation on Saturday,” said Segelhorst in a statement to the “Times-News.” “We had an individual get injured who was immediately transferred to Holston Valley, where he is continuing with his treatment. We contacted the local TOSHA office per protocol, and they did come in and do an investigation, which is ongoing. We’re cooperating fully with their investigation.”

According to the “Times-News,” social media posts state that an employee was crushed by approximately 3,000 pounds of glass. Segelhorst did not verify this information.

USGNN.com will continue to provide updates as they are made available.