As part of its commitment to sustainable building practices, ACE Glass treated all the insulated glass units on its brand new facility with Diamon-Fusion low-maintenance coating.

“The project was an obvious choice,” says Courtney Little, president of Ace Glass. “From an environmental standpoint, Diamon-Fusion glass treatment extends the surface life and reduces the maintenance and resources required to keep glass clean, and aesthetically speaking, the coating will keep the glass looking beautiful longer.”

Ace Glass was able to apply the low-maintenance coating pre-installation with Diamon-Fusion International’s (DFI) automated coating machine, the FuseCube.

“We believe this will truly help our business stand apart and create a demand for better protected, longer-lasting glass,” says Little.

Diamon-Fusion chemically bonds with the silica in glass, creating an ultra-thin, invisible barrier. Similar in functionality to a non-stick cooking pan, the protected surface becomes highly water and oil repellent, resistant to environmental pollutants, and much easier to clean.

“I am continually amazed by Courtney and his team over at Ace Glass,” says Syndi Sim, vice president of marketing and business development at DFI. “We thank them for their constant drive to innovate and provide more sustainable solutions to their employees and the community at-large.”

Ace Glass is set to have a grand opening of its facility, recycling plant and new machinery on from 4 to 7 p.m. on June 14. Attendees can tour the facility, see the new solar array and manufacturing equipment and learn about the recycling process. Complimentary food and drinks will be provided.