Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC) president Jeff Henderson recently testified at the public hearing of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s (DOC) Section 232 investigation on the effects of imports of aluminum on U.S. national security.

In a release issued this week, AEC officials say they are now seeing a new round of dumped extrusions coming from Vietnam and other South East Asian nations.

Henderson testified that from 2011 to 2016 imports from China into Vietnam have increased by almost 4,000 percent, while imports from Vietnam into the United States have increased by nearly 8,000 percent during the same time.

Henderson also testified against tariffs being placed on imported primary aluminum, according to the AEC. “This action will not stop the threat from China’s overproduction of aluminum since that country does not export primary aluminum,” writes the association.

“In fact, U.S. tariffs on primary aluminum will paradoxically support China’s policies of subsidizing their semi-fabricated aluminum producers through restraints on primary aluminum exports. Placing tariffs on good trading partners with market-based economies is the wrong action, directed at the wrong target.”

“If there was one point that nearly all who testified last week agreed upon, it is that Chinese overproduction of aluminum is the issue that has created the aluminum crisis in the United States – plain and simple,” adds Henderson.  “Any measure that misses that mark will instead work in the favor of the Chinese aluminum industry.”