The annual Architectural Metal and Glass Certification Council’s (AGMCC) meeting in Memphis this past week included the introduction of four new board members and the departure of three founding members.

The 2023 AGMCC annual meeting featured four new board members nominations.

AGMCC’s board, formed in 2018, consists of 18 members who, combined, strike a balance between industry and general interests. Members were originally voted in for two-year terms, but board members elected to extend term limits to three years beginning in 2024. Board members can serve two terms.

The 2023 AGMCC meeting featured four new board members nominations. They replaced the following members who stepped down:

  • Jim Rathbone (founding member; Kensington Glass);
  • Raymond Roy (founding member; Guardian Glass);
  • Peter Neudorf (founding member; Ferguson Neudorf Glass); and
  • Steve Whitcomb (CRL).

The new board members are:

  • Andy Hill (CEO of NACC-certified Glass Solutions Inc. He will provide an industry perspective);
  • Chuck Burkard (president of NACC-certified Progress Glass Company. He will also provide an industry perspective);
  • John Merkert (senior quality manager of the Enclosure Group at Clark Construction. He will provide a general interest perspective); and
  • Christopher Giovannielli (director of global project management at Kawneer. He will also provide a general interest perspective).

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