AGNORA, headquartered in Collingwood, Ontario (pictured), has acquired West Coast Insulated Glass Products, a California-based fabricator of residential glass. Photo courtesy of AGNORA.

AGNORA has acquired West Coast Insulated Glass Products (WCP), a California-based fabricator of residential glass. 

AGNORA officials say the move enables the company to expand its market presence and offer more glass products. WCP was founded in 1988 and supplies glass to high-end door and window manufacturers. 

“We’re excited to be able to extend our sizing and glass capabilities for each company,” says WCP president Rusty Neubauer. “AGNORA’s oversized capabilities, coupled with our ability to fabricate high-quality, traditionally sized glass allows both companies to come to the table as a total glass solutions provider.”

AGNORA CEO Corey Boland states that the companies will operate separately. He adds that in the short term, customer and sales portals will run independently but consolidate in the future. Additionally, customer numbers will remain the same, and agreements will remain unchanged.

“We’re thrilled to align with a proven, established and industry-leading partner,” says Boland. “With more than 30 years in business and long-standing relationships with customers across North America, WCP aligns perfectly with AGNORA’s mission to be a customer service company first and foremost.”

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