Aesthetics is the focus of many glass companies in New York City today at the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018. The show floor is packed with glass companies offering customizable and minimalistic solutions to meet architects’ needs.

Bostik, an adhesives company, is showing its Dimension RapidCure, a translucent urethane grout that enhances the appearance of glass. The product is made with micro-glass beads made with 60 percent pre-consumer recycled glass.

“Architects and designers love it. Solid grouts can take away from the look of the glass, while the translucent grout maximizes the glass’ appearance,” said Matthew Day, northeast territory manager.

Accurate Perforating’s perforated metal sunscreens are often specified for institutional applications such as hospitals and universities, but that is starting to change. 

Perforated metal sunscreens provide a reduction in direct sunlight and heat, wind protection and acoustic relief, according to Damon Henrikson, director of marketing.

The company has seen an increase in unique pattern projects. Accurate Perforating offers a building information modeling (BIM) platform that allows architects to visualize their projects.

As architects continue to trend toward customizable products, Bendheim and Glashütte Lamberts are hoping to provide an artisanal solution. Bendheim’s Turnkey is a quick-assembly glass wall cladding system that requires no adhesives, making it easy to install for interior glass panel installations. The fittings are minimalistic and can support glass sizes up to 48 inches by 72 inches.

“Architects are driven toward artisanal materials,” said Jen Miret, director of marketing. “Mouth blown glass sales have increased 10 percent in sales in the U.S.”

The company is partnering with Glashütte Lamberts to offer blown glass for architectural applications. She said the glass is entirely customizable in color and is able to meet safety, acoustical and thermal needs.

SageGlass is adopting the internet of things (IoT) concept into its dynamic glass offerings. Buildings are becoming more and more integrated through technology and SageGlass is in a special position to take advantage of the trend. The company has integrated dynamic glass with Amazon Echo to give occupants and facility managers more control over daylighting and tinting. Ryan Park, global head of marketing and product management, expects building integration to increase and is excited to bring the IoT concept to commercial glass applications.

The AIA Conference runs through Friday. Stay tuned to throughout the week for more of our event coverage, including videos from the show floor.