The American Institute of Architects (AIA) Contract Documents team announced
today several additions and updates to its suite of offerings: a brand-new
family of Program Management documents; a new, free Guide for Small Projects;
an updated Guide for Sustainable Projects; and updated BIM and Digital Practice
Documents. The new documents and updates are designed to improve the contract
negotiation experience for architects, building owners, general contractors and
other design and construction professionals, according to the association.

The new documents and guides are available in the latest version of AIA
Contract Documents software, which is now compatible with Microsoft Office 2013
and Windows 8.

“We are very pleased with the new offerings and updates, as they truly will
assist owners, design professionals and contractors in the process of contract
negotiation, and project collaboration and integration,” says Ken Cobleigh, managing
director and counsel at AIA. “We worked with a wide variety of industry
professionals– including architects, contractors, lawyers and insurance professionals
on these new documents. As a result, they are fair and balanced, and help
appropriately manage risk throughout the design and construction process.”