GIMAV (Italian Association of manufacturers and suppliers of machinery, equipment and special products for glass processing) elected a new president recently during its 2016 general meeting.

Aldo Faccenda, human resources director of Bottero, will now take over from Cinzia Schiatti of Schiatti Angelo Officina Meccanica as president. Michele Gusti of OOMI-OTG, who was confirmed as president of the Hollow Glass Section, and Dino Zandonella Necca of ADI, who was confirmed president of the Accessories Section, will assist Faccenda in association operations.

In addition, the board of directors was elected for a new term and includes Barbara Antonini of Antonini, Federica Bovone of Elettromeccanica Bovone, Nicola Lattuada of Adelio Lattuada, Angelo Lovati of Lovati F.lli, Nancy Mammaro of Mappi International, Barbara Mazza of Cugher Glass, Michela Pezza of Fratelli Pezza and Matteo Rolla of Neptun.

“There was a very active participation in the meeting which led to the election of a board of directors that is widely representative of all the main areas of the sector: flat glass, hollow glass and accessories,” says Faccenda, HR director at Bottero SpA. “Our aim is to continue with the development process that we started a few months ago, in terms of the association’s visibility and activities. GIMAV must continue to grow, by welcoming all of Italy’s star players in this sector, to strengthen its weight on the domestic and international markets and to be universally recognized as a global player for all the glass trade worldwide.”