Aldora Aluminum and Glass Products is expanding its production capacity in its Orlando location, which has been fully operational for just over a year. Its existing single-bay HHH Tempering Resources oven will receive an additional bay and cooling quench upgrade to double its tempering capacity.

“The demand for heat-strengthened laminated glass, tempered soft-coat [insulating] glass units, mono-tempered and heavy-fabbed glass is so strong, we need more capacity,” says Dana Duval, branch manager for the plant. “Since everything must go through the furnace, that is the bottleneck in our production.” The expansion for the existing 84-by-180-inch furnace is slated to be complete by fall of 2017.

In addition to the furnace upgrade, Aldora is also in the process of adding laminated vacuum-bagging capability. Duval anticipates receiving certification by this summer, which will allow the branch to manufacture multi-laminates for special applications such as zoo enclosures and security glass.