glasstec 2018 Returns to Düsseldorf Bringing Glass, Machinery and More

For many companies in the glass and glazing industry, the biennial glasstec trade fair is a much-anticipated event. Attendees and exhibitors travel from all around the world to Düsseldorf, Germany where the event takes place for four days across nine halls. It’s a massive, all-encompassing event. Visitors will not only learn about new developments and trends changing the glass industry, but they can also see the newest innovations in glass fabrication machinery and equipment. Here’s a look at just some of what companies will offer this year, from machinery, suppliers and, of course, glass.

Building on with Bavelloni – Hall 16, Stand C03

Bavelloni SpA will highlight customized solutions with a focus on automation, including the VE500 V10 with an automatic loading/unloading system. This straight-line mitering machine can process flat edges with arrises and chamfers with variable angles from 0 to 45 degrees. Its patented conveyor allows the processing of large thicknesses and glass sizes (up to 350 kg/m). The machine will be equipped with extended inlet and outlet arms and higher racks for handling big glass lites.

In addition, Bavelloni will demonstrate its HE500 11 3000, a stand-alone double edger with cup wheels to grind flat edges with arrises. The model on display will include a new HD 18.5-inch touchscreen control panel, complete with mouse and keyboard. The electrical box will be fully integrated in the machine structure, optimizing the machinery footprint, improving the ergonomics, increasing the space around the machine and the operator’s comfort. HE500 will be fitted with many options for automatic operations, such as the automatic wheels presetting, movable intermediate bars, motorized spindles (diamond as well as polishing) and motorized glass removal.

The company will also feature the vertical drilling/milling center VDM 1636 NC. It is equipped with one double drilling head (1+1 opposing spindles), each provided with a rotating tool storage (eight positions each). Milling is performed while the glass is in a fixed position to achieve better grinding quality and higher grinding speed.

The NRG330 working center, avail-able with three- or four-axis, will also be on display. It features a patented PAV system that allows the NRG330 to position suction cups and centering devices on the work table completely automated.

Bystronic is “Multi” Talented – Hall 14, Stand A51

Bystronic glass will highlight several different machines including the glass sealing robot jumbo’sealer; new arrissing machine multi’arrisser; spacer-bender Multi; and the B’Vacoom.

The jumbo’sealer is a solution for efficient IG unit sealing in max sizes. With the XXL version, glass sizes up to 18 meters in length at a total weight of up to 10 tons can be sealed for up to 4-sided stepped IG units. It also has an automatic material changing system that allows operator-free changing of the sealing material, and there are several undergripping options in the dis-charge area that support the removal of the fully sealed jumbo units.

The new multi’arrisser is used for high-quality arrissing of straight glass edges, and can process premium low-E glass without any contact of the coated surface, according to the company.

The spacerbender Multi is for bend-ing warm edge spacer profiles with heated corners or automatically processing aluminum- and warm-edge hybrid profiles. The spacerbender Multi requires no tool modifications for processing different spacer types, spacer thicknesses and colors.

The B’Vacoom is an integrated load control that ensures just the appropriate maximum weight is lifted. Integrated sensors signal the essential change of the suction cups or other components for the vacuum generation.

Euro Style Systems – Hall 10, Stand A48

C.R. Laurence will feature its Fall-brook/Fallbrook XL system. The line features contemporary, European minimalist aesthetics, such as slim frames and butt-glazed joints for large spans of glass, and can be upgraded with 1-inch insulating glass if reduced sound transmission is needed. In addition, the company has upgraded the hardware sets to offer the same Euro style lever latch, but with an American lock cylinder, with a 7-pin SFIC inter-changeable core to match the keys/locks of the rest of the building.

Ensinger Highlights New Profile Features – Hall 15, Stand G21

Ensinger Building Products now offers Insulbar LEF high reflection, low-E film. This allows significant further improvement to the thermal properties of all Insulbar profiles with flag, and to the uf values of metal windows, doors, and facades without foam material costs and insertion labor, according to the company. The new insulation profile with low-E film 12 and 3, previ-ously known as Tecafoil, offers energy savings, reduced costs, and is simple to process, according to the company. I

nsulbar LEF is a wafer-thin low-E film that’s applied on the flag transversely to the direction of thermal conductivity. According to the company, this helps reduce losses due to thermal radiation and achieves an emission level of E= 0.03 in compliance with EN12898 and ENIS010456.

Insulbar LEF insulation profiles with flag can be optimized without changing the geometry, thus without additional development and tooling costs, according to the company. The insulating bars are delivered film-coated and can be further processed without the need for any additional steps such as cutting or separate insertion of foam fillers.

Software Integration – Hall 14, Stand F38

FeneTech will be presenting the latest release of its FeneVision ERP soft-ware for glass fabricators and door and window manufacturers. This fully integrated software operates on a graphical user interface running on a single database, allowing employees to see—in real time—exactly what is happening on the production floor. FeneVision provides all the tools necessary to control each phase of production, including web and client-based quotation and order handling, pricing and costing, an integrated CAD for glass shapes, as well as a comprehensive shower door designer that allows customers to choose their own hardware. It also offers a dynamic creation of bills of materials, capacity planning, production scheduling, dynamic or batch glass cutting optimization, lineal optimization and tracking control. It also provides mobile delivery using an iPad, as well as invoicing, return merchandise authorization, a CRM tool, and re-porting through FeneVision Business Intelligence.

Sorting it all Out – Hall 16, Stand A21

Forel will feature its Sorting System (Art. SS), a complete solution to optimize glass handling and storage within a production line. It can also be integrated into existing production lines. The use of innovative software allows for real-time inventory counts, allowing users to locate any glass lite at any time. Featuring one or more mobile shuttles and multiple storage slots, the Art. SS offers immediate increases in productivity and efficiency, according to the company. Automated glass handling minimizes the operator’s manual work, creating a safer work environment, minimizing imperfections and increasing production quality.

Uptime Glas(ton) Hall 15, Stand A41

Glaston is focusing on helping customers use data to work better for them by getting information from the machinery to improve uptime and reach higher quality output.

At glasstec 2018, the company will showcase more about these latest technologies: what steps to take to tap into data from equipment, how this translates into more uptime, and why it al-lows users to produce better-quality products. This data also enables users to stay on top of customer service, according to the company.

Show visitors can find out what improved data means specifically in glass tempering, laminating and bending. Glaston will also showcase production using the latest advances in tempering technology, and feature what Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 or Machine Intelligence means for today’s premium tempering lines.

Guardian Offers Aesthetics and Performance – Hall 10, Stand A24

Knowing that the current trends in glass facades are neutrality, high light transmission, reflectivity and big glass sizes and shapes, Guardian Glass is focused on creating value for architects and building owners by providing high performing glass products that meet any aesthetic vision. In its booth, it will feature a number of products including Clarity coated glass; UltraClear glass with LamiGlass Acoustic; Vacuum IG; Dielectric mirror; and SunGuard architectural glass, including a new, aesthetically improved double silver SunGuard coated glass.

All Eyes on Lisec – Hall 17, Stand A26

Lisec will present its high-performance machine for automatically cutting flat glass (the SprintCut), its high-performance machine for automatically cutting laminated glass (VSL-A37/33), its flat glass processing line with water jet technology (SplitFin: EPS & MRX-B Water Jet), its laminating machine featuring a high-pressure au-toclave (ConvectLam 2); its automatic butyl extruder for solid spacers (LBH-B25ARS); and the bending machine for “sharp” corners (BSV-B45NK)

Matodi Features the Latest in Water Treatment– Hall 15, Stand D51

U.S. machinery distributor Matodi will highlight the Immmes DTP water treatment system. DTP is a total closed-loop water-recirculation system that requires no coolants or flocculants, and produces clean water with particles under 10 microns. According to the company, the water is clean enough to be used in a CNC or washing ma-chine, as well. The system is Industry 4.0 compliant.

A Portal to Bohle – Hall 9, Stand D42

Shower and bath accessory manufacturer Portals Luxury Hardware will exhibit for the first time at glasstec. The company has been part of the Bohle group of companies since January 2018. Portals designs and manufactures its own hardware, which allows it to offer a lifetime warranty. The company also stocks hardware centrally in the United States and ships 96 percent of its orders the same day.Available product lines include hinges, hooks, knobs, pulls, towel bars, and mirror clamps.

Quanex Brings the Super Spacer – Hall 17, Stand C61

Edgetech Europe, a Quanex Building Products company, will showcase the benefits of its Super Spacer technology. The company will demonstrate the versatility of its warm-edge spacer system in glass architecture. Edgetech Europe is a sales hub for Quanex, as well as a development center and a large production location in Europe for flexible spacers.

Salem Around – Hall 16, Stand F42

Salem Glass & Mirror will co-locate with many of its equipment partners, including Fratella Pezza, which specializes in sandblasting, as well as Zafferani, which offers mills, drills and vertical washers. In addition, Salem will also exhibit with Bovone, which offers bevelers, edgers and the BRS-integrated robotic island system.Salem also is working with Folien-werk Wolfen to highlight evguard EVA laminating films, which meet U.S. standards and are ANSI tested, according to the company.

Skills Drills – Hall 16, Stand F37

The Drill 1600FF by Skill Glass, represented by Machines and Wheels in the United States, is a 5-axis CNC drilling machine designed for producing holes, inserts and countersinks on rectangular flat sheet glass with a thickness of 3-20 mm. The machine is composed of five axes: X, Y, V, Z, W, and two electro-spindles which, as opposite drilling heads, create a double-sided drilling system.

This vertical drilling CNC is able to operate with extreme speed and precision thanks to the management of all the processes by numerical control and the double tool change, according to the company.

E-D 101 is a vertical CNC center for grinding, milling, drilling and polishing flat sheet glass. The machine combines all the technology for vertical drilling and milling with the features of a vertical grinding machine. Its main feature is its versatility, which allows for different types of processes at high speeds and optimal precision.

E-D 101 works with 150-mm diamond-tipped grinders on sheet glass even if they have been layered or treated. Polishing can be performed on large surfaces with 150-mm grinders as well as on small inserts with diameters of 30 or 50 mm. Oppositely placed heads en-sure drilling is at maximum speed with top quality and precision, and countersinking can be performed with individual diamond-tipped tools or with accessories mounted on the drill bits.

Swisspacer Air Reloaded – Hall 11, Stand F42

The Swis-spacer Air is billed as ensuring pressure equalization in multi-pane insulating glass and counteracting climatic loads.

The Swisspacer Air is a metal sleeve with an integrated special membrane. The structure prevents water vapor from accumulating in the space between the panes, which would lead to condensation forming or damages to the metallic low-E. Due to the permanent pressure relief, the insulating glass preserves its function and quality in the long term, according to the company.

The Swisspacer Air is placed in less than three minutes, which the company says allows for a high repeat ac-curacy and consistent quality. Because it is integrated into the edge seal and thus protected against impact, it is well secured during storage, transport and installation of the insulating glass.

Insulating glazing can also be retro-fitted with the new component.

A Clear Range of Options – Hall 10, Stand F40

Vitro S.A.B. de C.V. will highlight its full range of glazing products. For the architectural glass market, the company will highlight Solarban 90 glass, a quad-silver-coated solar control low-E glass. Visitors also will be able to view samples of advanced vision glass products such as Starphire Ultra-Clear glass, Sungate passive low-E glass and other select brands in the Solarban glass line.The company will also feature samples of specialty glass products from the Pavia line of acid-etched glasses, the Platia line of mirrored glasses and highly transparent Clarvista glass for shower doors and partitions.Members of Vitro’s staff also will be available to answer questions about the company’s new jumbo magnetron sputtered vacuum deposition coater in Wichita Falls, Texas. The unit expands Vitro’s ability to produce high-performance architectural glasses for today’s complex façades.

EnduroShield Debuts Double Sided X-Line – Hall 10, Stand G56

EnduroShield, a manufacturer of permanent easy-clean coatings, will debut the X-Line double sided machine that features fully-automated, efficient application and a user-friendly interface, according to the company. The X-Line is offered as either an in-line or stand-alone solution for streamlining factory flow, and can offer cost reductions, increased margins, and reduced downtime, ac-cording to the company.

Take a Dow – Hall 11, Stand B59

Dow Performance Silicones will introduce an advanced insulating glass silicone technology designed to further enhance energy performance and improve living comfort.

Warm-edge spacer systems will soon be complemented by the launch of the first silicone providing low thermal conductivity: Dowsil 3364 Warm Edge IG Sealant. Made for double- and triple-glazed insulating glass units, Dowsil 3364 Sealant is a secondary edge sealant that the company says offers up to 30 percent lower psi-values in warm-edge designs when compared to standard insulating glass silicones and helps to further lower the U-value, depending on the façade system, by up to 5 percent improvement of the overall Ucw value.

According to the company, the sealants are cost-efficient solutions for low-energy designs and offer a high level of comfort to building occupants due to higher surface temperatures on the inside, as well as reduced risk of condensation and mold growth.Dow also will participate in glass technology live, showing super-high strength and crystal-clear structural bonding technologies, combining performance and architectural design freedom.

In the Spotlight: What to Expect from glasstec 2018, the Silver Edition

The 25th staging of the biennial glasstec trade fair is quickly approaching. Set for October 23-26, 2018 at Messe Düsseldorf in Düsseldorf, Germany, the massive exhibition promises many new features and programs designed for all facets of the glass industry.“

“We are very excited to present our new ideas and concepts to participants and visitors,” says Birgit Horn, director glasstec/global head glass technologies for Messe Düsseldorf. “The team put a lot of effort into the preparations for glasstec 2018 to make the trade fair experience even more rewarding.”

Horn also gave us the inside scoop on what to expect this year.

Q. What are some of the new pro-grams that will take place?

There are many different things to experience, including the new “Think Tank.” It will feature high-caliber talks and provide in-depth background knowledge on the glass technology live exhibits, creating an even closer link between theory and practice. The special show glass technology live is located in Hall 11. For the first time in 20 years, it is organized by a university network. The technical universities of Darmstadt, Delft, Dresden and Dortmund will present “the hub @ glasstec.” In the craft sector, we have also launched a new event: the “glasstec challenge.” Here, apprentices from the third year of training will compete during the fair and produce various exhibits at the participatory stations.

Q. The glass technology live program is always a favorite. What will be unique about it this year?

We have a new conceptual team that will present a wide array of subjects cutting across industries, showing forward-looking exhibits, new technologies and glass applications. It will showcase solutions in interactive façades and display glass, energy and performance, structural glass: solid glass and thin glass, and of course new technologies.

Q. This year glasstec will include a Start-Up-Zone. What will this offer?

Hall 10 will house this for the first time. Here young, international companies have the opportunity to present their ideas to a high-caliber expert audience, make contacts, start net-works and meet a large number of decision-makers who made up 86 percent of all visitors in 2016. One of the trademarks of glasstec is its participants’ great willingness to invest. We are very pleased to welcome 16 companies from ten countries (Norway, Finland, India, Italy, Switzerland, Lithuania, Austria, Netherlands, Ger-many, Taiwan) to the Start-Up-Zone.

Q. What machinery sectors do you see experiencing the most growth?

Flat glass manufacturers, processors and finishers as well as manufacturers of glass fibers, special glasses, and hollow glasses, all recorded an increase in sales. International business is becoming increasingly important, and glasstec, with its high internationally (40,105 participants from more than 100 countries), unique innovation range and out-standing number of decision-makers (86 percent of all visitors), is the No.1 trade show for the glass industry.

Q. What’s the number-one thing you think people should know about glasstec?

This is quite simple: glasstec is the number one trade show in the world when it comes to glass manufacturing and production technology, glass products and applications. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a variety of products, solutions and innovations. You should prepare for your visit to Düsseldorf far in advance and right now you should look for accommodations. The city of Düsseldorf itself offers a wide range of cultural events, culinary delights and of course the unique “Altbier.”

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