AmesburyTruth, a manufacturer of door and window components for commercial and residential applications, announced new partnerships in sales and manufacturing.

The company joined with Industrial Sales Corporation (ISC) to develop a nationwide sales partnership it says will give it uninterrupted U.S. coverage and eliminate complexity for customers by providing a single representative firm covering the entire United States.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with ISC,” says Mike McCann, senior vice president of sales and marketing. “This bold new approach in servicing our customers will provide significantly more focused customer engagement than we’ve had in the past. We’ve enjoyed longstanding relationships with several independent sales agents over the past 20 years, but have never had a single partner with national coverage.  Now, with this change to ISC, we have one partner with national coverage as well as a distribution platform to enhance service capabilities to our U.S. based customers.”

Additionally, AmesburyTruth partnered with Brookvent, a U.K.-based manufacturer of Trickle Ventilation Systems. Brookvent has been manufacturing trickle vents for 32 years. The company offers a broad product portfolio and hold a solid market share in the U.K.

The Trickle Ventilation System uses a small ventilation opening in the window frame to increase the circulation of fresh air. This increased air exchange can reduce humidity and moisture build-up to provide a healthy and comfortable environment. This passive ventilation product has established itself throughout the European market, and AmesburyTruth will now be able to provide this product to the North American market.