GLAAM Media Glass is the world’s first and only ICT LED glass building material and is now available to U.S. clients for design, integration and operation through a new partnership with experience design and execution company ANC. The fully transparent, LED embedded construction-grade material was created with 24 global patents.

“Imagine using your smartphone to control an interactive art piece on the façade of a New York high rise, or stepping outside your Los Angeles office after a day’s work to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals with the whole building turned into the screen. With the new GLAAM Media Glass, produced by GLAAM America and integrated by ANC, clear glass facades can be transformed into a wonderland of opportunity,” reads a company statement.

GLAAM America manufactures the architectural element based on each individual project’s needs and ANC will design, distribute, integrate and provide ongoing operation and service of the product for U.S.-based installations of projects such as retail developments, sports venues, transportation and directional signage. The product has been installed in more than 250 buildings throughout Asia. Via the GLAAM-ANC partnership, U.S. developers, architects and owners can now also use the product.

The new product is 100% design-built and specified to meet rigid glass performance, durability, energy and aesthetic design requirements. It can be retrofitted to the interior or exterior of an existing façade, or as the primary façade material itself, integrating with curtainwall systems.