Apogee Enterprises reported its fiscal 2017 revenues of $1.1 billion were up 14 percent compared to the prior year, and its fourth quarter revenues increased 20 percent to $314.1 million.

For the full year, operating income of $122.2 million was up 25 percent compared to the prior-year period, according to the company’s latest financial release. Operating margin was 11 percent, up 110 basis points vs. the prior-year period. In the fourth quarter, operating income of $29.7 million was up 3 percent vs. the prior-year period. Operating margin was 9.4 percent vs. 11 percent in the prior-year period.

“We once again drove revenue growth in all four segments by leveraging new geographies, products and markets for better than market growth,” Apogee CEO Joseph F. Puishys said in the results announcement. “…We are delivering on initiatives to better position Apogee over a cycle, including growing our share of mid-size projects in architectural glass, expanding our geographic presence and product offerings, further penetrating the retrofit market and executing acquisitions.”

Here’s how the company’s architectural segments broke down, according to the announcement:

Architectural Glass (Viracon)

Full-year revenues were up 9 percent on strong U.S. growth, especially in the mid-size project sector, and fourth-quarter revenues of $112.3 million were up 14 percent. Full-year operating income was up 26 percent and operating margin grew 140 basis points to 10.8 percent. Fourth-quarter operating income was $13.8 million, up 14 percent.

Segment backlog was $66.4 million, compared to $75.9 million in the fiscal 2017 third quarter.

“Revenue growth in architectural glass does not require an increase in backlog as it is a short lead-time business with a high level of book and bill activity within quarters,” according to the company. “The segment continues to have the greatest visibility to future projects due to its daily interaction with architects.”

Architectural Services (Harmon)

Full-year revenues were up 10 percent. Fourth-quarter revenues of $66.0 million were down 14 percent on the timing of project activity. Full-year operating income was up 58 percent and the operating margin grew 200 basis points to 6.8 percent, Fourth-quarter operating income was $4.2 million, down 26 percent.

“As expected, several projects entered backlog in the quarter, with the majority of these additions anticipated to generate revenue in fiscal 2019 and beyond,” the financial report reads. “Segment backlog is expected to continue to grow early in fiscal 2018, although backlog trends in this segment are uneven.”

Architectural Framing Systems (Wausau, Sotawall, Tubelite, Alumicor and Linetec)

Full-year revenues were up 25 percent on expanded geographic penetration and the introduction of new products. Fourth-quarter revenues of $121.8 million were up 53 percent, with volume growth in all four ongoing businesses. Growth, excluding revenues from Sotawall which was acquired during the quarter, was 31 percent.

Full-year operating income was up 40 percent, and the operating margin grew 130 basis points to 11.6 percent. Fourth-quarter operating income grew to $9.7 million, up 26 percent.

Segment backlog grew $81 million in the fourth quarter to $245.4 million. The acquisition of Sotawall in the fourth quarter added $69 million to the framing systems backlog.