Apogee Enterprises Inc. announced its fiscal 2015 second-quarter results, which include a 30 percent increase in revenues to the tune of $231.9 million.

The company, which provides solutions for enclosing commercial buildings and framing art, reported its operating income of $15.5 million was up 66 percent and earnings per share were 57 cents, including 22 cents from a tax credit. Its adjusted EPS, excluding the tax credit, was 35 cents, up 67 percent.

“In our second quarter, we had exceptional revenue, earnings and backlog growth as our architectural markets strengthen and we gain market share,” says Joseph F. Puishys, Apogee chief executive officer. “All three architectural segments experienced significant growth in revenues and earnings. I am pleased that our architectural business is starting to deliver on its potential, even as we overcome some higher costs to expand our workforce and capacity.”

Apogee also reported a backlog of $480.2 million, which was up 58 percent ($176 million), and its cash and short-term investments came in at $25 million.

“Our backlog, which has grown to its highest level in six years, positions us well for the future – most of the work we are currently bidding and booking will be delivered in our fiscal 2016,” says Puishys. “… To support this rapid – and I believe, sustainable – growth, we are investing in reopening our architectural glass facility in Utah and expanding our architectural finishing capacity, both projects starting in the second half of the current fiscal year.”

The company’s architectural glass segment, which consists of Viracon, saw revenues of $84.2 million, up 20 percent. Operating income in that sector grew to $3.3 million, four times the prior-year period earnings of $0.8 million. The architectural services sector, which consists of Harmon Inc., saw a 41-percent increase on broad-based growth, up to $59.4 million. Operating income in that sector increased $1.8 million compared to a prior-year loss of $0.8 million. Meanwhile, Apogee’s architectural framing systems sector saw revenues of $76.7 million, up 55 percent. That sector, consisting of Wausau, Tubelite, Alumicor and Linetec, saw a 44 percent increase in operating income, up to $7.4 million.

“Fiscal 2015 is shaping up to be an exceptional year for Apogee,” says Puishys. “… We are experiencing robust bidding and quoting activity, and significant backlog growth as we gain share.”

He adds, “We expect that capital spending for fiscal 2015 will be approximately $40 million, including for recently announced capacity expansions in architectural glass and architectural finishing.” He says the fiscal 2015 gross margin is anticipated to be 22 to 23 percent.