Naverra, a new glass fabricator that emerged from the ashes of Solar Seal Architectural, announced that it has opened the doors of its Norwich, Conn., facility for customers looking to purchase what it calls European-quality glass products made in North America.

Naverra moved into the 180,000-square-foot facility that originally was to be occupied by Solar Seal, which shuttered over the summer.

Naverra moved into the 180,000-square-foot facility that originally was to be occupied by Solar Seal, which shuttered over the summer. Naverra is owned by Solar Seal’s original team. Solar Seal’s business model was centered around heavy fabricated, smaller projects, while Naverra will focus on fabricating high-performance insulating glass, laminated glass, and spandrel glass, among others.

To produce this glass, Naverra has filled its facility with machinery from an array of providers, including Hegla, Ashton, Glaston, GPM, Osprey Litesentry, Tecglass, Viprotron, Pujol, Billco and more.

The machinery lineup includes automatic wet seaming, a tempering system, a fully automatic lamination line, a glass measurement quality assurance system, a digital printing line, a heat soak oven, fully automatic storage, a shuttle, a cutting system and washing systems, to name a few.

“We set out to create a plant that achieves that by having the best possible equipment on the market today and a full-time and focused quality control department,” says Naverra director of sales Andrew Kennedy. “We invested heavily in equipment and quality control and will have the training to match to ensure we provide what we promote.”

In addition to its machinery and systems, Naverra has fleshed out its staff with a group of people with distinct and extensive experience in the glass and glazing industry. Kennedy says that the company features individuals who have had long careers in the U.S. and Canada and have “come together to build a plant and operation that can make a difference in the sophisticated insulating glass space.”

The leadership team includes Ed Morse, who will lead Naverra’s manufacturing team. Kennedy says that Morse’s experience will bring a “laser focus” on the necessary details to be the supplier of choice in the marketplace.

“We are excited to get going,” says Morse. “We know that contract glaziers, developers and architects have been wanting a solution to their sophisticated project needs. We have the operation to provide it all.”

Kennedy adds that Naverra will hit the ground running thanks to its expertise and the tools at its disposal.

“We will stand out because we know what the market needs and we have built a facility to provide it,” says Kennedy. “We will stand out because our focus is not on how many jobs we get but on outperforming every job we process.”

Naverra will be fully operational during the fourth quarter of 2022 and is actively quoting projects now.

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  1. Congratulations to the Naverra team. If their relationships with customers are as good as our machinery supplier to customer relationship has been, they will be wildly successful.

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