Who doesn’t love a nice, long, relaxing vacation? Remember how exciting a vacation was when you were a kid? When I was a child my family would spend two or three hours in the car driving to the beaches of North Carolina and it always seemed as though we were going a world away. Back then there were no car TVs and DVD players or video games to help pass the time, leading many of us to repeatedly ask: are we there yet? Now, as I write this, I’m in the midst of preparing for the what will be the longest journey I’ve ever taken; one where I hope to find innovative architectural and glass structures; one that will surely have me pondering: are we there yet? 

Next week I will be traveling to Australia. While the flight will be long, the trip will be worth it. Whenever I travel I like to look for the interesting architectural details, particularly the glass. According to the Australian Glass & Glazing Association, there are more than 3500 glass companies there–and the industry is continually growing.

When it comes to architecture, I’ve read that many firms take an avant-garde approach to design–just look at the famous Sydney Opera House. While that’s a project with which most everyone is familiar, there are plenty of others to see, I’m sure. I’ll be posting updates and photos from my trip so be sure to check here regularly.

If you’ve got a suggestion of a must-see let me. Or, to share your thoughts on Australian architecture-or any architetcural project-your comments are always welcome.