Prepare yourself for a presentation that is sure to have you on your feet! Body language expert, New York Times bestselling author and international trainer, Janine Driver, will be joining our Glass Expos shows as a keynote speaker for the slated 2018-2019 shows. Driver will be sharing tips on how to understand verbal and non-verbal communication to maintain better relationships in the workplace and beyond.

Wouldn’t your life be a lot easier if you were able to pick up on body language, words or phrases that suggest there’s more to the story? Wouldn’t you love to focus on the best qualities in those you work with to help push and improve the team? How great would it be to hone in on the perfect client that is ready to close a deal?

Understanding body language is important whether you want to read someone’s intentions, their weaknesses, their truthfulness and more. Just importantly – is how your body language comes off when connecting with others. How powerful would it be in both your personal and professional life if you knew the verbal and non-verbal secrets that the greatest leaders, top sales people and highly regarded corporate titans use regularly to break down barriers and build up trust?

Whether you are looking to influence others, seize opportunity, establish rapport, negotiate business deals or detect deception, these helpful guidelines from Driver are designed to be used as tools to get the sales and close the deals that will improve your business bottomline.

Be sure to sit in on her award-winning keynote speech, You Say More Than You Think, at the following shows:

Glass TEXpo™ ’18 on May 10, 2018

Glass Expo Pacific Northwest™ ’18 on May 31, 2018

Glass Expo Midwest™ ’18 on November 8, 2018

Glass Expo Rocky Mountain™ ’19 on January 24, 2019

Glass Expo Northeast™ ’19 on March 27, 2019

About Janine Driver

Driver is the CEO of the Body Language Institute, an exclusive certification program that provides companies and leaders the fastest way to save time and make money.

She is a New York Times best-selling author of “You Say More Than You Think,” and an international trainer and keynote speaker who playfully provides salespeople, professionals, and executives with cutting-edge, scientifically-based communication tools on how to win new business, increase sales, improve selection of salespeople, and staff, and generate a significant return on investment.

Driver is a popular media guest, with appearances on shows including Dr. Oz Show, Anderson Cooper, NBC’s TODAY, and NBC’s Weekend TODAY, FOX News, and CNN’s Larry King Live.

In 2015, she was named one of the top 20 educational trendsetters in the meetings industry by Meetings Today Magazine and in 2016, Driver was selected by TEDx Wilmington to present her ideas worth spreading.

Driver has spoken at previous industry related events, including American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA), Auto Glass Week™ and the International Window Film Conference and Tint-Off™, where she received rave reviews from attendees and top-rated evaluations. Previous show attendees have said “One of the best speakers I’ve ever listened to, very compelling!” and “Hands down, the best speaker! I couldn’t take notes fast enough. Lots of information for me to share with me team, please bring her back!”

To learn more about Janine and her work, visit her website at