See What’s New in the Glass and Glazing Industry in Atlanta This Month

After more than a year of clicking Zoom links and saving different meeting IDs, GlassBuild America returns live to Atlanta this month. The 2021 event is set to take place September 13-15 at the Georgia World Congress Center, where exhibitors plan to showcase some of their newest products. Here’s a look at what some of the exhibitors were scheduled to display at GlassBuild America.

Booth 1505: American Renolit Corp.

Renolit has more to celebrate than just a return to in-person shows and new films. The company is also celebrating its 75th birthday. Officials say the show marks an opportunity to show appreciation to all of the customers and partners that helped to make this milestone possible.

In the meantime, the company isn’t resting on its laurels. Instead, it’s announcing Exofol FX Black exterior films to its standard stock, following the ongoing trend toward dark colors. Five different black options are now available, with different hues and surface embossing. The latest options round out the company’s standard offering of colors, such as architectural bronze, grey, clay, almond and more.

Officials say Exofol FX remains the only true acrylic/PVDF film on the market, including an industry-leading 20-year warranty, which applies to all U.S. and Canadian climate zones.

Booth 2421: A+W Software

A+W’s new product, A+W SmartFactory is a production system that coordinates the optimized flow of glass by enabling the control of machines and their capacity. Planning is done in real-time and can be adjusted at any time to accommodate rush orders, capacity bottlenecks, machine failures, etc.

Additionally, A+W says its newest integrated software system could be the first step toward digitalizing a company. A+W iCut is a compact solution that integrates commercial programs to enter orders and optimize glass cutting. It can also manage glass storage and automatically synchronize with optimization after cutting, which automates inventory. There are also functions for printing labels and visualizing.

A+W Business Pro upgrades are also available.

Booth 3331: Bovone

The ELB 11/45 Automatic straight-line edger from Bovone is meant to create an active control system for the wear of all the grinding wheels through an actuation on each motor: the automatic system compensates for the reduction in height through software equipped with an intuitive and easy-to-use HMI. Once the parameters have been set, operator intervention will no longer be required to control the process.

With the automation of each motor spindle, the adjustment is carried out through remote control by selecting one or more wheels from the display.

Booth 1921: C.R. Laurence

C.R. Laurence (CRL) will feature its Palisades collection, including the new S100 sliding door system, which allows for views while delivering structural and thermal performance. The system is compatible with the Palisades S90 bi-folding door and wall system.

The company will also showcase the Metropolis post windscreen system with an ultra-slim ¾-inch face trim while meeting code requirements. An 8-foot maximum system height offers the option to create a glass wall in higher elevations. Applications include rooftops, terraces, swimming pools and outdoor dining areas. The system meets the windload requirements outlined in the International Building Code 2018 and ASCE-7/16. In addition, 316 stainless steel construction adds stability and durability.

The posts transform interiors in the company’s Klarity freestanding glass partition, which uses glass panels to maximize transparency and daylight diffusion. Unlimited configurations are available using any combination of end posts, center posts and corner posts available in 5-foot, 6-foot and 7-foot post heights.

Booth 1713: Cooper Standard

Cooper Standard Industrial and Specialty Group (ISG) will feature its engineered sealing solutions for commercial and residential door and window applications. The company offers sealing solutions using a wide range of materials, including EPDM, silicone, neoprene and a full line of plastics. Products include door seals, iDea® Seal Technology, continuous corner designs, frames and many more custom or standard sealing solutions for a variety of applications. These include storefront and curtainwall systems; entry door systems; interior wall systems; and more.

Booth 1251: CoolTemper

CoolTemper representatives will be available at the show to discuss the company’s full range of safety glass equipment. This includes tempering furnaces, laminating lines, heat soak testing ovens and chemical tempering.

New tempering furnace developments include the dynamic quench cooling system that can also be retrofitted to existing customers’ furnaces. This new system offers energy savings of up to 25%, which the company says significantly increases profitability while reducing the customers’ CO2 footprint.

Further developments to the tempering furnace Scan-GUARD production reporting system also offer the customer instant access to the machine’s data at the machine or remotely.

Booth 2131: Diamon Fusion

The FuseCube Express is DFI’s newest coating machine that applies Diamon-Fusion® protective coating onto both sides of the glass. The coating is applied through a proprietary chemical vapor deposition process, transforming ordinary glass into a water-repellent surface. The FuseCube Express can treat one to five lites in under 10 minutes and has a minimal footprint (5×6 feet), according to a press release. The machine also includes a touchscreen monitor, built-in evacuation system, multi-run cartridge system, real-time monitoring and back-up systems.

Booth 2231: Erdman Automation

With labor shortages persisting, Erdman will display its One Man Robotic IG Cell, an IG production line that’s designed for one operator. The unit has a cycle time of approximately 45 seconds per 2-foot-by-3-foot IG unit without grid. The machine’s expected throughput is near 500 units with a 40-50% grid mix, or over 600 with no grids, in a full eight-hour shift.

The company will also share concepts that utilize two application stations, dropping the cycle time to 30-35 seconds for a 25% increase in throughput.

Booth 1541: F. Barkow

A fully-welded, all-aluminum construction glazing trailer, the “Get Truck” from F. Barkow is equipped with 12 “T” head Stake-Loc® self-locking stakes and five rows of “B” load holding slats. It also has 8-inch exterior ledgeboards with a double row of stake slots and full lower panels to help shield glass from debris as well as front stops on each ledgeboard. The truck also has vertical interior walls, a 7,000-pound overall payload capacity and
can connect to a 25/16 inch tow ball.

Booth 2221: FeneTech

Earlier this year, FeneTech released FeneVision Ultimate v.15.3. Among the enhancements included in the new version are advanced purchasing and inventory control functions that officials say, “will revolutionize the user experience.” New features include the ability to create a vendor  scorecard report, define inventory bins as non-nettable, designate ABC and XYZ inventory classifications, view inventory demand by either day or month, and many more.

Booth 1402: GGI

GGI has added a LiSec insulating glass line to produce commercial insulating glass units. The line streamlines the process of incorporating Alice® direct-to-glass printing, bird protection glass, decorative, laminated and/or low-E glass into IGUs to meet multiple code and design requirements. GGI is also working with ICD High Performance Coatings
+ Chemistries to produce spandrel glass and wall cladding utilizing OPACI-COAT-300®, a water-based silicone glass coating. The company will be showcasing its complete range of satin etched glass, including standard etched clear and low-iron, Crystal Light low-iron, satin-etched designs and anti-slip for flooring and stair treads.

Booth 2650: Glaston

Glaston has introduced digital solutions to its machinery portfolio and will showcase those features. A launch to the company’s flat tempering line is producing promising results for tests in real production conditions, according to the company.

Digitalizing the tempering process includes online fragmentation prediction for every type of glass and white haze detection using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The new tempering process Autopilot reduces the operator’s influence and offers process control without parameters, according to Glaston.

In addition to flat tempering machinery, Glaston will feature ProL, its flat laminating technology with the new laminating process Autopilot.

Also at the show, its Multi’Arrisser machine provides for the arrissing of straight glass edges. The cup wheels adapt individually to different edge geometries and shape formats. Premium low-E glass can be processed without any coated surface contact. Multi’Arrisser has a small footprint and can be used as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an IG production line. The company’s TPS® (Thermo Plastic Spacer) technology provides fabricators with end products to meet warm edge demands.

Booth 1831: Groves Incorporated

Transport racks with different weight capacities and sizes are available from Groves Inc. The TR4482 is designed for the fabrication and transportation of products to the jobsite. It can hold up to 2,000 pounds per side with a total capacity of 4,000 pounds and has built-in forklift hoops mounted on the sides and ends.

Groves’ harp rack has a base of high-density polyethylene to provide easy sliding of monolithic glass as well as an easy-to-clean non-stick surface for insulating glass, according to the company.

Booth 1205: Guardian Glass

Guardian Glass products Bird1st™ UV glass and Bird1st™ Etch utilize a pattern to signal an impending barrier to birds visually, helping decrease collisions as established by the acceptable Threat Factor score from the American Bird Conservancy. These patterns adhere to the 2 x 4 inch rule. Additionally, when paired with select Guardian SunGuard® low-E coatings such as Guardian SunGuard® SNX 62/27 coated glass, Bird1st™glass
can help projects meet LEED® Pilot Credit 55, according to the company. The company’s bird-friendly products were recently used in the Detroit Zoo, where the company donated two Bird1st™ glass products to the Holden Reptile Conservation Center project. The Detroit Zoo is also using Guardian Bird1st™ UV glass on the Southern sea otter exhibit.

Booth 2543: Intermac America

The Vertmax One range from Intermac is a new compact vertical machining center designed and developed to meet the needs of companies of every size. Made for doors, showers, balustrades, interior/exterior furnishings, and large windows with oversized glass, the Vertmax One machines the glass vertically and adapts to any production need, according to the company, adding that the machine can carry out every machining operation, from glossy and rough grinding to quick boring. It has twin power HSD electrospindles to mill and grind both notches and openings in the inner part of the glass, and a Pilot System designed to ensure flawless polishing during vertical machining, according to the company. Intermac also says the automatic repositioning of the carriage means even complex machining operations can be carried out without having to unload the glass from the machine and then reload it.

The process is managed via IC software, the company’s new software based on the iCam experience and characterized by a modern interface.

Booth 1531: Jordon Glass Machinery

Jordon Glass Machinery will showcase its 9-spindle DJM9L glass polisher with miter, an automated glass wrapping machine and Filtraglass coolant treatment system. The DJM9L can polish up to 7/8-inch thick glass and miter up to 60 degrees. The automated horizontal glass-wrapping machine applies a protective film to both faces of the glass in a single pass, according to the company. The coolant treatment system separates floating glass particulates from processing water into dry cakes that can be easily discarded.

Booth 709: Laminators Inc.

Laminators Inc.’s standard flat Thermolite glazing panel offers fabricated options to provide additional R-Value and to create hairline joints between panels. Panels are designed to fit into any standard or custom glazing system, according to the company. Available in smooth or stucco-embossed finishes and a variety of colors, the glazing panels provide R-value up to R-16.9, according to the company.

Booth 3215: Magid

A manufacturer and distributor of head-to-toe PPE, Magid offers products for glass manufacturing designed to protect and be comfortable. These include cut-resistant garments and specialized glove coatings for glass handling.

Booth 1617: Mainstreet Shower Door Pricer

The Mainstreet Shower Door Pricer allows users to calculate frameless shower estimates. The tool is an add-on feature to the MobilePro app. In addition, the automated payments module, Glas-Pay, offers versatile payment options and accepts payments through the company’s glass software, online portal and email links. The Flat Glass POS offers dimensional and itemized pricing for easy quotes, according to the company.

Booth 2831: Mappi

A Mappi Supertemper furnace tempers glass so that it can be certified to E30 glass for fire resistance, according to the company. Both ATS 4.0 and Fox series furnaces temper glass by limiting energy consumption through the use of solutions such as the Mappi Multizone Heating System, small heating modules for precision heating; Advanced Cooling, an original design of the blowing system allows precise control during tempering; and an Energy Saving System, a computerized system that reduces the peak of installed power. In addition, ATS 4.0 and Fox can be switched on and off without long waiting times and without damage to the ceramic rollers. All the new furnaces are powered by Siemens and are ready to interface with Siemens MindSphere to integrate with every Industry 4.0 process.

Booth 714: Morse Architectural

Morse Architectural will feature the Precision Lock® adjustable railing, which allows the installer to adjust the glass up to 2 inches for plumb quickly and easily with no specialized tools, according to the company.

In addition, the company offers a full range of top rails, hand rails, fasteners, drain blocks and cladding.

Booth 1823: MyGlassTruck

MyGlassTruck’s Hero is a fully enclosed aluminum glass truck body available in 12-foot to 18-foot lengths and can mount on a cab-over chassis. The aluminum body features full-length glass racks on the exterior, with more storage for glass inside. A translucent roof and LED lighting illuminates the inside of the cargo area and the truck features lockable, double-rear doors with anti-racking hardware. A walk ramp is available for easier loading
and unloading.

Booth 2519: Quanex Corp.

Visitors can expect to see the full gamut of offerings from Quanex, including patio door products, screens, vinyl systems and insulating glass spacers. Quanex also plans to emphasize its services in marketing and technical support.

Some of the top highlights will include the 900 and 1350 Patio Screen Door with Inset Handle, which integrates handle hardware into the frame, removing it from view and helping to prevent wear-and-tear. The company’s Mikron House Systems will be on hand as well, including the 8200 Series and 9300 Series, offering benefits ranging from speed to market and structural strength to energy efficiency and aesthetics.

The Mikron C3-11300 AW-Rated System, which meets the needs of mid- and high-rise commercial buildings with an optimal mix of strength, will also be on display. The company’s K2 Impact Sliding Patio Door System features MikronBlend vinyl, for durability and resistance to heat, impact and corrosion in coastal hurricane locations.

The company will have an air float table to demonstrate the use of skinny triple IG units to meet production and energy efficiency requirements.

Booth 2417: SAFTI First

SuperClear 45-HS-LI (hose stream, low-iron) from SAFTI First is a patent-pending 45-minute glazing product that can replace wire glass and ceramics without any wires or amber tints. It is listed by both UL and Intertek, and meets NFPA 252, NFPA 257, UL 9 and UL 10C for fire and CPSC Cat. II (400-foot pounds) for safety. It does not need any films or laminates to meet impact safety requirements.

SuperClear 45-HS-LI has an approximate visible light transmission of 90%, compared to 88% for premium filmed ceramic and 85% for premium laminated ceramic.

SuperClear 45-HS and SuperClear 45-HS-LI have a 37 STC/35 OITC rating in standard hollow metal framing, compared to 29 STC/28 OITC for filmed ceramic in standard hollow metal framing and 31 STC/30 OITC for laminated ceramic in standard hollow metal framing. SuperClear 45-HS-LI is also listed as an approved glazing component in the National Fenestration Rating Council’s Component Modeling Approach Software Tool database.

Booth 1731: Salem Fabrication Technology Group

Salem will have more than one product on display at the show. The EF5-Premium Diamond Peripheral Wheels are part of the Storm Series of products. The wheels use the diamond tool technology to enable operation speeds up to 10 meters per minute. The wheels in this series feature lightweight composite or aluminum bodies. In addition, the Superior wheel line is designed for edging laminated glass. The unique “S” pattern on the cutting band allows for the wheel to have a different point of contact while rotating, never touching the surface of the glass at just one place. The Thunder Cut is a new generation series of stainless-steel body core drills as part of the Storm Series of products, available in multiple lengths. Also, the Salem XHS line is a new series of high-speed routers capable of
speeds of up to 1 meter/minute.

Booth 2731: Schiatti

Represented in the U.S. by DeGorter, Schiatti will display straight edgers such as the model SME10, which performs quality polished finish of the flat edge and variable miter angles on thicknesses ranging from 3 to 30 mm, according to the company.

Booth 2103: Southern Aluminum Finishing (SAF)

SAF will be showcasing its new C-4200 Series rainscreen panel, a drained and back-ventilated aluminum composite material panel system designed to eliminate the visual appearance of mechanical fasteners from panel edges. Installed, the product features a strip of composite material in a reveal between each panel (instead of caulk), resulting in a more uniform appearance. It is available in a large selection of standard colors including
metallic finishes, or a near limitless array of factory-applied custom colors.

Booth 2503: Strybuc Industries

An in-person show marks the perfect opportunity for Strybuc to show off one of its latest tools: the first touchscreen kiosk for door and window parts. Designed for use in retail stores, kiosks allow visitors to shop over 36,000 popular, hard to find and obsolete door and window parts using a touch-screen format and printed catalog. Counter- and floor-based stations are available, offering an easy process for shopping and ordering. After finding the parts they need, customers can add them to a cart, enter a credit card number, and have parts delivered direct to stores or shipped to their homes. Meanwhile, there’s no need for retailers to stock hundreds of regional specialty hardware items.

The company will also have its new sliding door roller assembly  identification selectors on hand. A countertop model displays 45 of the company’s most popular roller assemblies, while a floor model includes 90 assemblies—with five variations of wheels.

Booth 1639: Tecnoglass/ES Windows

ES Windows will feature its ES-SGD2020 patio door, which it says has a sleek modern-contemporary design.

This door is available in multiple configurations, thermal and non-thermally broken, impact-rated, as well as high-performance glass, offering solar gain values and acoustic ratings, multiple panel configurations and slim sightlines.

Booth 2906: Top Notch Distributors

Hardware distributor Top Notch will feature Trimco and Healthy Hardware®. Trimco’s new AP330 Series hands-free adjustable pulls are patent-pending and have an adjustable hands-free bend that can pivot during installation to achieve different clearances for hands-free operation. The pulls come standard with adjustable standoffs for easy retrofit of current doors and easy access to lock cylinders, according to the company.

Booth 1719: Vitro Architectural Glass

Solarban® R77 glass by Vitro Architectural Glass is ideal for façade and curtainwall designs that capture the visual character of the sky and ambient environment, according to the company. On the building exterior, the glass offers silver-blue transmitted color. On the interior, it provides views of the outdoors with neutral daylighting. In a clear 1-inch IGU, Solarban® R77 glass delivers a solar heat gain coefficient of 0.25, visible light transmittance of 47% and exterior reflectance of just 25%.

Booth 2606: Wagner

Level Lock Plus is Wagner’s latest glass shoe moulding system. It is a post-less system with a locking mechanism to allow the glass to tilt 2 degrees in either direction for a precise glass alignment, according to the company. The base shoe’s symmetrical inner channel allows mechanisms to be installed on either side of the shoe, with access to tightening fasteners.

Booth 2203: Walker Glass

Walker Glass has teamed up with Vitro Glass to expand their selection of low-E coated acid-etched glass. Architects can choose between two full surface finishes from Walker Textures® on surface 1, with Solarban® coatings from Vitro Glass on surface 2. The combination provides privacy and energy performance, according to a release.

Walker Textures® Satin and Opaque finishes utilize stain- and scratch – resistance properties. The products offer high visible light transmittance and glare control, with no significant impact on solar performance, according to the company. They are also effective as bird-safe glass solutions and meet the requirements for local law 15, New York City’s bird deterrent regulation.

Booth 1948: Xinglass

The QX-GTH glass tempering furnace from Xinglass has automatic functions to help reduce production and labor costs. It is designed for various glass types, including clear, patterned, sandblasted, coated, concave-convex, tinted, hard-coated and soft-coated low-E glass. The tempered glass meets standards ANSI Z97.1, EN 12150-1:2000, GB15763.2-2005, and the tempering standard of JIS R 3206.

The control system is integrated with a heating control algorithm to ensure heat is evenly distributed with 10 percent accuracy improvement. The design uses the inertia of the blower impellers for cooling the glass. The quenching process reduces most product defects for soft- and hard-coating low-E glass, according to the company.

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