After working 43 years, Rod Van Buskirk will assume the role of board chair at Bacon & Van Buskirk Glass Co. Inc. Effective January 1, 2021, Aaron Hiatt, former vice president of operations, is the company’s new president. Jeff Aldridge, vice president of business development, and Brent Huisinga, vice president of the Indiana territory, will continue to grow and build the company in their specific areas.

Sandra Snodgrass, corporate vice president and office manager, will retire in February 2021 after 48 years with the company. She will become board vice chair and be available to help guide the main office’s leadership transition. Chief finance officer Angela Wingstrom will assume the office manager’s role.

“Successful small businesses like Bacon & Van Buskirk have a lot of talented, hard-working people who really run things day-to-day. Joe Bruce and Angela Carver have been leading the Springfield Bacon & Van Buskirk location in consistent and outstanding fashion since the late 1980s. Union glaziers carry on a great tradition of skill and service for Central Illinois and Central Indiana. Our department managers, office staff, salespeople and shop techs are the heart of our business. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank our long-time clients, vendors and friends for their continued support for our company over the decades,” says Van Buskirk.

“The continuing success of Bacon & Van Buskirk began many years ago when T.M. Bacon & Sons began a small paint and glass business in Champaign, Ill., during the early 1900s and Verne Van Buskirk bought into the glass department in 1937 after working there for ten years. Along the way, good people like Art Hampton, Cecil Reed, Roy Van Buskirk, Bob Zimmerman, Bill Childress, Rod Zimmerman, Jeff Hill and many others provided skill, talent, leadership and hard work to help bring Bacon & Van Buskirk to where it is today. It’s reassuring to know the tradition continues,” he adds. “Going forward, thank you for your support for Aaron Hiatt, Angela Wingstrom, our leadership team and all of our associates.”

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