Chris Bagatelos

The North American Contractor Certification (NACC) team has announced that Bagatelos Architectural Glass Systems Inc. (BAGS) has completed the certification process.

Headquartered in Sacramento, Calif., BAGS was established in 1999 by Nick Bagatelos. The glazing subcontractor designs, engineers, fabricates and installs exterior facades for complex multi-story buildings.

“We consistently innovate by looking at new and improved ways to structure and operate our manufacturing plants,” says Chris Bagatelos, CEO and brother of the founder.

This performance can be seen in Bagatelos’ recent project, the Sacramento King’s Golden One Center.

“We completed the project on time, on budget and we passed all of the tests from the start of design to fruition,” says Bagatelos.

Another of his all-time favorite projects is the Ziggurat Building in Sacramento.

“Every time I drive by this project I smile because it reminds me of when the business was just getting started,” he says. “BAGS is committed to smart growth and innovation and being the best at what we do. Committing the resources to achieve the NACC certification, could only serve to better our company and allow for the validation of what we are doing well and shine a light on areas where we can grow and improve.”

The newly-certified company has hopes for the rest of the industry as NACC continues to grow and members of the field learn of its benefits.

“We hope that others in the construction field, including owners, architects and general contractors will see the value of the NACC certification and use it to distinguish companies that are complete and thorough in their processes and procedures. We anticipate that others will see this certification as offering a deeper level of transparency into an organization’s overall health and ability to perform at a high-level.”

The NACC program launched in 2015 and is available to architectural glass and metal companies from all over North America.