Warning! Warning! Warning! I am stepping far out of my comfort zone for this blog, pulling out all the stops, and pouring out all my opinions–which I usually keep to myself. Today’s subject: bathroom remodels. Like so many others, I think the bathroom is a great place for glass. You’ve got shower enclosures, countertops and vessel sinks, backsplashes, mirror … so many places. Good so far, right? OK, well while searching online this morning for more on glass trends I stumbled across a DIY link about the 10 best bathroom trends. Sounds pretty good, and surely glass will fit in somewhere. Well, I flipped through the image slideshow and you’re not going to believe these trends. Here’s my take on just a few.

It all started with glass tile, you know, the kind you can buy at the home improvement store in sheets, with each tile being about a ¼-inch. These tiles are available at pretty much all price points, with the more lux designs costing the big bucks. I have no issue with glass tile; I think it’s quite lovely in a backsplash or as an accent in the shower. Well this picture showed a bathroom DRENCHED in these tiles—walls and floor. It was too much for me.

The next one was subway tile. I like this one, particularly the featured project, much more than the glass tile. You get some nice, clean lines and the resulting aesthetic can fit into a variety of design styles and tastes.

Framed mirror. I have no issues with this. I like framed mirrors very much in the bathrooms. It’s a fun and easy way to be creative and add a fresh look. (And it’s glass. Yay glass!)

Steam showers. “Turn your bathroom into a spa getaway. A steam shower turns an already relaxing experience into a vacation …” OK, sorry, we have got to be a bit more realistic on this one. Does it sound nice? Sure. Is it going to penetrate the mainstream? Absolutely not. Let me remind you, that these trends are from a DIY site … that’s right … DIY. Who has time to turn their shower into a steam shower, much less actually use the thing for more than five minutes? Not me.

Not much glass on this one: designer lighting. “Bring glamorous, unexpected lighting into the bathroom … a small crystal chandelier … could be the touch of elegance you need.” Once again, if I’m renovating and upgrading, I’m probably not going to spend my money on some fancy bathroom chandelier that no one will ever really see.

I admit, I kind of like the idea of this one: remote-controlled TV, stereo or windows. But, at least for me, it goes back to the time thing … when it’s time to relax, just pour me a glass of wine … which I probably won’t drink because I will pass out from exhaustion first.

If you’d like to see all the trends for yourself take a look here. What are you seeing as the top bathroom trends? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Opinions always welcome.